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LeendaDProductions Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth        $107k
Full Name        Linda Dong
Birth Date        11 Dec 1992
Age                     29 years
Birthplace        Vancouver, Canada
Profession      YouTuber, Actor, Director

Linda Dong is a female comedian, actor, and director from Canada who is of Vietnamese descent. She is known online as LeendaDProductions, her channel name on YouTube where she posts her skits. More than 1.2 million people have subscribed to her channel, which has had more than 247 million views overall. She is one of the few Asian celebrities that creates humorous, captivating YouTube videos that appeal to millions of people all over the world.

LeendaDProductions Early Life


Linda Dong was born on December 11, 1992, under the sign of Sagittarius, in Vancouver, Canada. The 28-year-old YouTube celebrity is of Vietnamese-Chinese ancestry and a citizen of Canada. She majored in communications and design after taking theatre in high school. Dong’s parents are Vietnamese. She and her two sisters, Kelly and Liselle, were raised in a strict environment. On her vlogs, she has highlighted her two sisters.

Dong used to play with her father Nha Dong’s camera when she was a little child. Dong was always passionate about acting and telling stories. Even in high school, she took a theatrical class and participated in numerous plays. She performed in supporting roles in locally produced series like Mr Young, Continuum, and arrow.

LeendaDProductions Career


Linda Dong is a personality with a variety of skills. She produces, directs, edits, and performs her own comedic skits. You can view her work on her “LeendaDProductions” YouTube channel. LeendaDProductions, Dong’s YouTube channel, debuted in November 2011. She started experimenting on YouTube, trying her hand at content creation and storytelling. She merely made her first video to show to her friends. However, millions of people saw her sixth video about women and breakups, which encouraged her to keep pursuing her passion.

The Vancouver Social Media Awards in March 2013 marked a turning point for Dong when she took home the prize for best student video channel. Her fascinating content resonates with millions of people thanks to her winning combination of earnestness, humorous timing, and personal stories.

She does a side job photographing weddings in addition to making material for YouTube. She also wants to encourage others to show their originality and uniqueness. She also included Gina Darling in one of her 2015 YouTube videos. Things Only Sisters Would Understand is the title of this video. Gina Darling is a Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese-born model, YouTuber, and video gamer.

LeendaDProductions YouTube videos

On September 3, 2012, she posted the first video on YouTube. How Girls Pick Up Guys in the UBC Library (PART 2) is the name of the video, and as of December 2020, it had received over 930.7k views. The video that has received the most views is also named My Boyfriend’s Hot Best Girl Friend. On October 1, 2014, she posted this video, which has received over 28.5 million views thus far.

What Girls Really Do at the Gym, which has received over 14.2 million, views since its upload on December 7, 2017. If Your Period Was a Person, which has received over 10.7 million views since its upload on August 18, 2014, is the other video on this channel with more than 10 million views.

Her YouTube channel features humorous parodies, videos on relationships that are both amusing and achingly relevant, videos about body image, and real-life stories about breakups and growing up with strict Vietnamese parents. Through her work, she takes the study of Asian ancestry to a new level.

LeendaDProductions Boyfriend

Dong is reportedly not married. She uses her YouTube content to communicate her post-breakup hurt and emotions. Her comical videos depict her experiences as a young Asian woman dating in high school and hiding a partner from her conservative parents, among other aspects of her life.

Despite producing numerous videos about relationships, Dong has kept her own relationships a secret. She is frequently romantically associated with Peter Chao, another YouTuber. Chao is only her boyfriend for her Vlog, though; in real life, they are just friends.

LeendaDProductions Net Worth

The estimated net worth of LeendaDProductions is $107k. The $107k forecast is predicated on YouTube ad revenue. LeendaDProductions’s net worth may perhaps be far more. In fact, some estimations put LeendaDProductions’s net worth as high as $150.99 thousand when considering extra revenue streams for a YouTube channel.

The channel receives about 14.98 thousand views per day or 449.38 thousand views each month. So channel is estimated to earn $1.8k per month or $26.96 thousand annually.

However, our estimate might be too low. LeendaDProductions might make up to $48.53 thousand per year from video ads if its earnings are on the higher end.

LeendaDProductions Height and weight

She is a tall woman, standing at a height of around 5 feet 8 inches, and she weighs about 55 kilograms. She also has hair that is the same shade as her eyes, which are dark brown.

Height                    5.8 inch
Weight                   55 kg
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Dark brown

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