Living Big in a Tiny House Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Fact, and More

Living Big in a Tiny House

Living Big in a Tiny House Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                $934k
Founded                   July 31, 2013
Founder                    Bryce Langston              
Age                            37 years
Country                    New Zealand
Profession                Youtuber, Environmentalist
Girlfriend                  Rasa Pescud

Living Big In a Tiny House is a youtube channel from new Zealand run by traveller Bryce Langston. Living Big in a Tiny House uploads videos capturing the lives of different people around the globe who lives in creative, unconventional, and unusual houses of a smaller size. the channel has 4.35 million subscribers and millions of views and people around the world know him due to his tiny house movement.

Living  Big in a Tiny House YouTube Channel

Living Big in a Tiny House

A YouTube series called Living Big in a Tiny House follows the lives of people all around the world who reside in unusual and fascinating small homes. Everything from small homes on wheels to micro apartments, treehouses, cabins, and earth homes to buses, vans, and everything in between is covered in the show. It explores the lives of people who choose to live a different lifestyle in unusual buildings through weekly episodes.

The program was initiated by Bryce Langston in the latter part of 2013 and has since become one of New Zealand’s most popular YouTube channels, with more than 4 million subscribers and well over 550 million total views. Since that time, Living Big in a Tiny House has gained enormous popularity throughout the world, especially in North America and Europe. The production of the YouTube show is handled by a two-person crew Bryce Langston and Rasa Pescud.

Living Big in a Tiny House-Bryce Langston Biography

Living Big in a Tiny House

Actor, singer, filmmaker, author, and environmentalist Bryce Langston, who is based in New Zealand, has spent the last six years travelling the world to learn about the tiny house movement as the creator and host of the well-liked web series, Living Big in a Tiny House. While working as an actor in New Zealand and trying to escape the exorbitant housing costs of Auckland, he developed a fascination for tiny house living. He released a book about tiny house living in 2018 that was related to the YouTube program.

Langston claims that while growing up in a large four-bedroom home on Auckland’s North Shore, he had a “driving passion for acting and drama” in addition to being a good pianist.

He took a year off after graduating from Rangitoto College to spend in Germany before returning to finish his bachelor’s degree in communications at Auckland University of Technology. After studying permaculture and working as a consultant for the British Council, he gained a solid foundation in sustainability. On the small screen, Langston also started to leave his impression. On Spartacus: Blood and Sand, he played a gladiator who reappeared frequently. On the prime-time television soap opera Shortland Street, Langston portrayed the bad-boy character Ashton Fuller.

Living Big Life in a Tiny House-Rasa Pescud Biography

Rasa Pescud is the other member of the living Big In a Tiny House production crew and a self-taught cinematographer and photographer with a background in the creative arts and health. She films, edits, and helps plan the production of the show with Bryce. Rasa is passionate about using her talents to improve the world she lives in as well as assisting others and the environment.

Living Big Life in a Tiny House Content

The episodes, which are typically 15-20 minutes long, follow numerous people who have started the tiny home adventure and include themes like inventive DIY advice and imaginative storage solutions (stairs that serve as secret drawers is one outstanding example). The houses frequently exhibit mind-boggling originality and skill, with one-storied example transforming from a trailer into a castle complete with turrets.

Living Big in a Tiny House Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Living Big In A Tiny House is $934.98 thousand. Although the actualized net worth of Living Big In A Tiny House is unknown, we estimate it to be $934k.However, that estimate only makes use of one advertising source and the net value of Living Big In A Tiny House may be greater than $934.98k. The net worth of Living Big In A Tiny House might reach $1.31 million when all of its sources of income are taken into account.

Living Big In A Tiny House makes about $233.75k a year, on average. The YouTube channel titled Living Big In A Tiny House receives about 129.86 thousand views per day and 3.9 million views per month on average. We estimate the Living Big In A Tiny House YouTube channel generates $15.58 thousand in ad revenue per month and $233.75 thousand annually based on the data. Though it’s possible that we’re understating Living Big In A Tiny House’s income. Ad revenue might bring in close to $420.74 thousand per year for Living Big In A Tiny House if its earnings are on the higher end.

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