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Li Ziqi is a beautiful and gorgeous Chinese video blogger, businesswoman, and Internet sensation. In her homeland of rural Pingwu County, Mianyang, north-central Sichuan province, southwest China, she is well known for making movies of the food and crafts she prepares, frequently utilizing simple ingredients and tools and traditional Chinese methods.

Her YouTube channel holds the Guinness World Record for “The most subscribers for a Chinese language channel on YouTube” with more than 2.7 billion views and 17 million subscribers.

Liziqi Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth             $10 million
Birth Date             6 July 1990
Age                         32 years
Birthplace            Mianyang, China
Occupation            Food Vlogger, culinary artist
Subscribers         17M

Li Ziqi Early Life


Li, who was given the name “Li Jiajia” at birth, was born on July 6, 1990, in Sichuan, China. She was extremely young when she became an orphan. Li revealed in a Goldthread interview that she moved in with her grandparents because of her stepmother’s treatment of her.

Ziqi’s parents split up not long after she was born, and she eventually moved in with her dad and stepmom. Her father died when she was around 4 years old. With regard to her biological mother, Ziqi has never spoken.

Ziqi relocated to Sichuan at the age of six to live with her grandparents. It is possible that this was the happiest time of her young life, happy but poor.

Her grandpa was both a farmer and a cook. Ziqi’s grandfather was in charge of providing food for the visitors at every wedding and burial that took place in the community. Ziqi had to pitch in, and it was at this time that she learned the most of her cooking techniques.

Li Ziqi Hard work before success


When she was in the fifth grade, her grandpa also passed away. Li left school at the age of 14 to work in the city since her grandmother was unable to pay for her education. While living in Shenzhen, China’s fastest-growing metropolis, she worked a couple of low-level jobs.

She moved about without any prior experience before finding work as a waiter. She was earning roughly $40 each month, or 300 RMB. If she shattered a plate or anything else of the type, it was paid for out of her wages because this was hardly enough to get by. She also had to send money home to support her grandmother. Later, Ziqi acquired DJ skills.

However, she learned some fundamental video editing skills from that experience, which subsequently helped her, become one of China’s biggest stars. She held a variety of jobs, including waiter, vocalist, and disc jockey. She relocated back in 2012 to help care for her ailing grandmother.

Ziqi launched a side business selling local goods like fresh food on Taobao, a website like eBay. The shop was successful, but it did not stand out in any manner among a sea of thousands of other retailers.

Li Ziqi Career


Ziqi began creating videos in 2016 initially as a way to advertise her shop. She continued with her one-man act while using a tripod and an inexpensive DSLR camera. Hundreds of hours of video were shot while cooking, gardening, and shooting, and then the editing were done on a smartphone that kept crashing.

In 2015, Li began sharing her videos on Meipai. Initially, Li created all of her movies on her own, but at the time, her abilities in video editing fell short of “capturing the originality” she aimed to convey. In 2016, the CEO of a video-making platform saw one of Li’s videos titled Peach Wine and decided to promote it on the platform’s home page, which quickly led to an increase in the number of subscribers to Li’s channel. In 2017, she posted her debut YouTube video with the title “Making a garment out of grape skins.” In 2018, she established her own food brand and used e-commerce to market prefabricated meals. She has 17 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of people follow her on other platforms

Li Ziqi Content

Li’s videos frequently feature traditional meals and antiques. The creation of makeup and garments coloured with grape skins are two of Li’s other well-liked videos in addition to those about food preparation. Li hardly ever speaks in her videos; instead, tranquil music, kitchen sounds, and ambient noises predominate.

Urban millennials are among her audience on the mainland. Li’s success may be ascribed to fugu, a rising appreciation of traditional culture in contemporary China. Li said she just wants people in the city to know where their food originates.

Li Ziqi Boyfriend

She is single right now, no information regarding her dating history is available this is because she is a private person.

Li Ziqi Achievements

In September 2019, the People’s Daily, the official publication of the Chinese Communist Party, presented her with the People’s Choice Award. Li was proposed as a candidate for membership in the All-China Youth Federation in August 2020. Li is the only Chinese Internet celebrity who has achieved international notoriety, along with Ms Yeah and Dianxi Xiaoge.

Li Ziqi Net worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Li Ziqi. Our study of Li Ziqi’s net worth from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is around $10 million with an $80k monthly income.


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