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Lizzie Armanto

Elizabeth Armanto was born to a Finnish father and an American mother. She retains dual Citizenship in the United States and Finland. She is of Filpino lineage through her maternal grandfather. She started married life in October 2020 with a Belgian Skateboarder, Alex Cruysberghs. Elizabeth Armanto is multiple award-winning skateboarder United States. She became the first-ever women skateboarder to complete Tony Hawk’s infamous 360° loop, and win an Olympics Gold Medal for skateboarding at X Games Minneapolis 2019’s Women’s Skateboard Park.

Lizzie Armanto Biography and Net Worth

Net worth$1-5m
Full NameElizabeth Marika Armanto
Birth DateJanuary 26, 1993
Age29 years
Birthplace Ventura County, California, US
ProfessionSkateboarder, Olympian
Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto’s  Career

Lizzie Armanto is a 29 years old American-Finish skateboarder who was born and raised in California, Finland. She started skateboarding at the age of fourteen with her brother as gets board, she goes on board at a skate park near home.
Since that inadvertent day,  Lizzie Armanto has broken barriers and shattered glass ceilings that touched every sky of skateboarding in women’s skateboarding.

Lizzie Armanto tells stories on social media depicting her love for Skating, as usual, she says she started skateboarding when she was fourteen years old, and it’s a passion for building her career ever since. She started competing in various skateboarding pro-Olympic games in America placing herself on top one in the overall World Cup ranking, for back-to-back years (2010-2012) including 30 skateboarding awards.
The Olympian spills her full performance when scored gold in her X Games debut in Barcelona in 2013. That competition is known thrilling and inspiring event for skate parks. The dreams of being a pro-skater are not just a dream but something she’s already achieved.
Later on, in 2019 Lizzie Armanto decided to represent Finland in Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Lizzie Armanto social media

Armanto is also an influencer on her Instagram account holding almost 533k followers. She posts regularly amazing skate videos on her Instagram. She regularly posts stories about her lifestyle, skateboarding, and her pet. Armanto is among the people that every skate lover wishes to follow. Especially if you are into skateboarding or fashion, she is the perfect person to follow because she tries her best to entertain and inspire the community through her Instagram account.

Lizzie Armanto
Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Lizzie Armanto is said to be 1-5 million dollars. Although, the exact figure is not a matter of public record. Estimates state that she earned that net worth at such a young age through her successful career as a skateboarder. Lizzie Armanto is a talented American-Finish Skateboarder who has won many medals for her country. Apart from skateboarding competitions, Lizzie Armanto is also sponsored by various high-profile brands including Vans, and Tony Hawk’s Board Company, which helps increase her net worth massively.

Lizzie Armanto Features

Eye colorBrown

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