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Mark Rober

Mark B. Rober is a YouTuber, engineer, and inventor from America. He is well-known for his YouTube videos on DIY gadgets and popular science. Rober worked as an engineer for NASA for nine years before to joining YouTube, spending seven of those years working on the Curiosity rover at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Later, he spent four years designing products for Apple Inc.’s Special Projects Group, where he also wrote patents on virtual reality in self-driving cars.

Mark Rober Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$5M
Full NameMark Rober
Birth Date11th March 1980
ProfessionEngineer YouTube personality
Mark Rober

Mark Rober Early Life

Either in 1980 or 1981, Mark Rober was born in Orange County, California. Early in his life, he developed an interest in engineering. He showed both his curiosity and his work ethic by developing a pair of goggles that stopped tears from accumulating while one cut onions. Rober applied his talent and enthusiasm to his higher studies, majoring in mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University. Later, he enrolled in graduate program at the University of Southern California, where he eventually graduated with a master’s degree.

Mark Rober Career

Rober began working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2004. He worked there for nine years, seven of which were devoted to the creation of the Curiosity rover, a car-sized robot created to investigate Mars’ Gale crater. While working for NASA, Rober began to create movies on a variety of subjects, such as April Fools’ Day practical jokes and escape room strategies. Numerous of his movies also focused on scientific topics like sand fluidization and water filtration.

Mark Rober YouTube Career

In October 2011, Rober posted his debut video to YouTube. In the video, he demonstrated an unique Halloween outfit produced using two iPads that gave the impression that his body was translucent. After going viral, this video received over a million views in a single day. Rober’s channel kept growing, gaining millions of viewers and subscribers over the next years. He had one of his most popular uploads in December 2018 when he shared a video of his successful prank on package thieves, which featured dousing them in glitter and spraying them with a foul smell. The video received 25 million views in a single day.

In collaboration with fellow YouTuber MrBeast, Rober debuted one of his largest projects to date in October 2019. The Arbor Day Foundation received the money, and in January 2020 it started planting. The initiative has raised $23.6 million by year’s end. In 2021, Rober released #TeamSeas, a different joint fundraising initiative with MrBeast. For every $1 given, one pound of marine garbage will be removed as part of this endeavour, which aims to raise $30 million for beach and sea cleanup.

Mark Rober

Mark Rober Net Worth

A YouTuber, engineer, and inventor with a $5 million fortune is Mark Rober. The DIY equipment and popular science topics covered in Mark Rober’s most popular YouTube videos. Before becoming famous on the social networking site, where he contributed to the development of the Mars Curiosity rover, he worked as an engineer at NASA for nine years. For the Special Projects Group at Apple, Rober spent four years creating gadgets.

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