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Michael Ballard

Michael Ballard is an avid sports fan, reality TV personality, businessman, and effective CEO. Ballard is best known for being the proprietor of Full Throttle Saloon, one of the most well-liked nightclubs and entertainment venues in the country. He also played the lead role in a reality TV program that featured the bizarre events that took place in the bar.

Michael Ballard’s Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                     $7 million
Full Name                      Michael Ballard
Birth Date                      December 19, 1964
Age                                  58 years
Birthplace                      Trimble, Tennessee
Profession                      Entrepreneur, Tv Star
Spouse                        ​    Angie Carlson
Michael Ballard

Early Life

In Trimble, Tennessee, Ballard was born on December 19, 1964, in a middle-class family. Michael was a bit of a troublemaker when he was a kid in Trimble. Michael earned the moniker “Little Al Capone” from the local police because of his mischievous nature. Ballard became obsessed with bars and alcohol at a very young age. He started slipping into the Silver Dollar Cafe, the biggest pub in town when he was barely 12 years old.

Career Beginnings

Like many other great CEOs, He had difficulties at the beginning of his career. He purchased 30 acres in South Dakota and opened his style of biker’s saloon there. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally’s tens of thousands of cyclists and bike riders were housed on this site by the owner. The fact that the bar is not open all year round is the most intriguing. Only ten days of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally see it open. During the event, the pub receives 2000 motorcycle riders on average.

He gave the establishment the name Full Throttle Saloon, a well-timed mashup of concept, enterprise, and effective marketing.


His bar has been operating profitably for the past ten years, and he recently made the 2015 list of the most successful CEOs. He arranged biker events, effectively updated and changed business techniques, and turned this biker’s lair into a lucrative business on his own. The bar has a tattoo parlor, zip line, wrestling ring, various shops, and parking spots for thousands of motorcycles at any given time. An average of 20,000 people stop at Full Throttle each night during the renowned Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. A reality series about Michael and Full Throttle is now airing on the TruTV network.

The show follows Michael Ballard as he battles to maintain the bar’s prosperity and financial stability throughout its brief season, which sees more than 300,000 patrons come through its doors. The show has broadcast 41 episodes over five seasons as of December 2012. Angie Carlson, the bar’s marketing director, and Ballard’s girlfriend are also one of the show’s characters. Angie is the leader of the “Flaunt Dancers,” a group of female performers that perform concerts at “Aggieland.”

Michael Wife

Despite having a significant age gap, Ballard (52) and Angie Carlson (35), wed in 2012 and are now parents to a sweet infant named Emillie Grace Lynn.

Michael Ballard

Michael Ballard’s Net Worth

Ballard is thought to have a net worth of more than $7 million. Michael’s bar Full Throttle Saloon is where he gained the majority of his notoriety, an episode of the Full Throttle Saloon can potentially earn up to $100,000.

Michael Ballard Height & Weight

Height                 5’9”
Weight                85 kg
Eye Color            Blue
Hair Color           Blonde     


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