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Michael Ovitz

Michael Ovitz is a successful American business and investor. He is an American Talent Manager who co-founded Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in 1975. He also served in the Disney as its president. He was considered as the most powerful man in Hollywood during 1980s and 90s. Ovitz has a fine taste of art and he is among world’s top 200 art collectors.

Michael Ovitz Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                       $500 M
Full Name                        Michael Steven Ovitz
Birth Date                        14 December 1946
Age                                    75 years
Birthplace                        Chicago, Illinois, U.S
Profession                        Businessman, Investor, Philanthropist  
Zodiac Sign                       Sagittarius
Spouse                              Judy Reich
 Active Years                   1975-Present
Michael Ovitz

Michael Ovitz Early Life

Ovitz was born in Chicago, Illinois on 14 December 1946. His family was of Romanian Jewish ethnicity. He was student body president during his education tenure at Birmingham High School and later at University of California, Los Angeles. He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles in 1968. While in UCLA, he also worked as a part time tour guide at Universal Studios.

Michael Ovitz Career

Ovitz parents wanted him to be a doctor but he desired to pursue a career in Hollywood. After the graduation, Ovitz started his career in the mailroom at William Morris Agency. Passion for the job and strict self-discipline rose him to become a highly successful TV agent.

Ovitz along with his four other colleagues were fired from the William Morris Agency, when they decided to found their own Creative Artists Agency (CAA)’. In 1975, Ovitz founded the CAA and was made CEO of the agency. Because of his talent and skills, CAA quickly transformed into world leading talent agency. By 1980, CAA was the third largest Hollywood Agency having $90.2 million in annual bookings. Ovitz has the talent to manage people and assemble package deals. Using this talent, he managed to provide the directors, actors, screen writers etc., to the studio that rose the stature of CAA. With the rise in CAA stature, Ovitz became one of the most powerful men in the Hollywood. His roles at CAA were numerous, where he served as a talent agent to different Hollywood actors, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Murray to name a few. He was also promoted to the president and then chairman of the CAA.

Ovitz resigned from CAA in 1995 and had a short and lucrative stint as President of The Walt Disney Company, which ended shortly in January 1997.  Ovitz now acts as a private investor.

Michael Ovitz Wife

Ovitz is married to Judy Reich since 1969. The couple have three children. Famous fashion designer Kimberly Ovitz is daughter of Ovitz and Judy.

Besides his wife Judy, Ovitz is also in relation with a British origin fashion entrepreneur Tamara Mellon and is engaged since 2015.

Michael Ovitz

Michael Ovitz Net Worth

Net worth of Michael Ovitz is $500 million. The lucrative Disney stint earned him $100 million in stocks and $38 million in cash.

Michael Ovitz Body Features

Height                   5 ft 7 in
Weight                  65 kg
Eye Color              Brown
Hair Color             Gray

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