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Mike Chen Biography And Net Worth:

Net Worth          US$5 million
Full Name               Mike Chen
Born                  22 December 1980
Age                           41 years old
Birthplace              Xi’an, China
Spouse               Christine Chen
Occupation             YouTuber • Media Personality

YouTuber Mike Chen runs a number of well-liked channels, including the insanely well-liked mystery and paranormal channel Beyond Science and the well-liked food channels Strictly Dumpling and Pho the Love of Food. Additionally, he uploads trip vlogs to the Mikey Chen channel and shares the Asian culture channel The Chen Dynasty.

In October 2013, he launched his channels Strictly Dumpling and Beyond Science. He has recorded his adventures in New York, Mongolia, Japan, and various other places. He has 7 million subscribers collectively on all his channels.

Early Life

When Chen was 8 years old, his family emigrated from Xi’an, China, to the United States. Mike first resided in Tennessee before moving to four other Midwest locations. He was raised in the American Midwest, working at his parents’ Chinese buffet restaurants.

Chen revealed in a Reddit AMA that he attended Truman State University and majored in accounting with the goal of joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation as an agent. He also worked as a resident assistant while there. He worked as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley after graduating from college but quit in 2006 after a year.

Chen left Morgan Stanley and went to work at New Tang Dynasty Television, a non-profit media organization, as the head of digital strategy. As a Falun Gong practitioner, Chen claims that his motivation was to raise awareness of China’s human rights abuses. He worked part-time filming weddings while employed at the business to supplement his income.

Mike Chen Career

Chen and a few other staff members of New Tang Dynasty Television co-founded the YouTube channel Off the Great Wall, which explores Chinese culture. In 2013, Chen started creating food-related videos, which eventually inspired him to launch a number of YouTube channels, including Cook with Mikey (formerly known as Pho the Love of Food), Eat with Mikey, and Strictly Dumpling. Additionally, he manages his own channel, Mike Chen, as well as Beyond Science, a video series that explores odd events.

In 2015, Chen and his colleague Dan Chen parted ways with New Tang Dynasty Television and Off the Great Wall due to creative differences. Chen and Dan subsequently launched the Double Chen Show YouTube channel. They relocated from New York to San Francisco, California, along with Yi Yang. The Double Chen News (commentary on current Chinese affairs) and Awesome Toy Review! (toy reviews) were also founded by Chen, Dan, and Yang as sub-channels. Chen resumed The Double Chen Show and The Double Chen News in 2016, renaming them The Chen Dynasty, and The Chen News, respectively, based on ideas from fans, while Dan, and Yang departed all three channels to move back to New York.

When Mike went back to New York, he purchased a home and established an office in Middletown. He departed the Middletown office in 2019 and relocated to Redmond, Washington. He nevertheless retained ownership of his New York home and continued to utilize a PO Box in Middletown. However, he revealed in February 2020 that he had subsequently closed this PO Box address and advised his audience not to send any additional mail there.

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Mike Chen Content

Mikey creates content on a variety of subjects, including Asian culture and traditions, travel, mystery, and paranormal phenomena, but his primary focus is on food. He is well-known among the YouTube community for his passion for cooking and reviewing meals. He began building a sizable following in 2013 by regularly posting cuisine videos on YouTube. He was able to protect his platform and open up new prospects for himself in this way.

Mike Chen Family

Although he was born in Xi’an, China, when he was a little child, his family made a permanent migration to the United States. Teng is the name of his mother, while Rigan Chen is the name of his father. Arnold and Renor are the names of Mike’s two siblings.

Mike Chen Girlfriend

Mike Chen married his alleged long-time girlfriend Christine Chen on 20h October 2021 and the couple lives in Dallas, Texas.

mike chen

Mike Chen Achievements

Chen was a nominee for the 11th Shorty Awards’ Best in Food category in 2019. Together with business partner Jason Cho, Mike Chen opened his first restaurant, the Karne Korean Steakhouse. Traditional Korean barbecue is served at the Houston eatery. However, a server will be present to handle the grilling instead of you.

 Mike Chen Net worth

As of 2022, Mike Chen has a net worth of $5 million. His YouTube channels are the main source of his income. The prominent Vlogger makes money from the commercials that appear on his channels. He also makes money from the goods he sells online, like T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories for clothing.

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