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Mister V

Mister V is a well-known YouTuber who was born in France on August 14, 1993. With millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in addition to his YouTube channel, Mister V is a leading French social media influencer.  Mister V, LesBonusDeMisterV, and MisterVMusic are his personal YouTube channels, and he is also a member of the sketch comedy collective channel StudioBagel.

Mister V Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth$217.95
Full NameYvick Letexier
Birth Date14 August 1993
Subscribers5.95 Million
Age27 years
Views430.76 Million
Mister V

Mister V YouTube Career

People may have spotted him alongside Amanda Cerny, a well-known American YouTuber. He began his YouTube career by employing observational humor; it wasn’t unique because many other YouTubers were doing the same thing, but it was still amusing. Mister V, in addition to having his own YouTube channel, is a member of two YouTuber organizations. The first is Bagel, which was founded in 2013 and acquired by Canal Plus a year later.

Mister V Other Career

He just began a career in the music industry, namely in French rap, which he has always wanted to do, with his debut album, Double V, published in May 2017. In a video (once again in French), he explains why he wanted to relapse an album. He explained himself that the general public perceives him as not serious enough to rap due to his humorous YouTube career.

Mister V, a French YouTuber, explores new things by diversifying: you can see him as an actor in “Le Manoir,” a bad movie. In 2018, he also creates a new range of sneakers for Asics. He remains a down-to-earth person who still owns an old Fiat Panda. He also enjoys acting like a hillbilly on his Instagram stories, which we term “beauf” in France.

Mister V Net Worth

Mister is one of the wealthiest  and most popular YouTube stars. Mister V’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million by Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Mister V’s YouTube channel receives about 908.13 thousand views every month and over 30.27 thousand views per day. However, Net Worth Spot may be underreporting Mister V’s earnings. Optimistically, Mister V may earn up to $98.08 thousand every year. Mister V most certainly has other sources of income. They could also book speaking engagements.

Mister V

Mister V Contents

He is a YouTube celebrity. His successful albums include Double V and Pattaya. Top album of his popular songs are Space Jam 2017, Double V, Viano and Double V 2017. His genre is comedy and parody. The associated acts are Norman Thavaud , Hugo Dessioux. He created his channel in 2008 and got his golden play button in 2013 for 1,000,000 subscribers

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