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Arun Maini, also known as Mrwhosetheboss, is a well-known social media influencer from the United Kingdom who specialises in technology and is a well-known YouTuber. On his YouTube account of the name Mrwhosetheboss, he publishes pictures and videos. On his YouTube channel, he typically shares tech-related videos, gadget reviews, and smartphone reviews. With over 10.7 million followers and over 1.9 billion views on his YouTube channel, he has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. Even in the UK, he is regarded as the top tech YouTuber.

Mrwhosetheboss Biography

Net Worth                    $9.74 Million
Channel Name    Mrwhosetheboss
Real Name                Arun Maini
Date of Birth               24 October 1995
Age                                27 years
Birth Place                Nottingham, England
Profession                YouTuber, Entrepreneur

Mrwhosetheboss Early life

Arun Maini is Mrwhosetheboss actual name. On October 24, 1995, he was born in Nottingham, England. He excelled academically and had a passion for chess, which he pursued into adulthood. He was, nevertheless, an extremely shy youngster who frequently faced bullying. He was 14 years old when he received his first phone and was amazed by what technology was capable of. After graduating from Nottingham High School in 2014, the young man enrolled at the University of Warwick. At the University of Warwick, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. He was well-known as the top YouTuber in the UK when it came to new technology and gadgets.

He started his YouTube career in 2011, after receiving his first Android phone. He made the decision to research and understand the technology involved in this phone. As a result, he gained knowledge about all the possible modifications and performance enhancements for an android phone.

He described how individuals can enhance the performance of their smartphones in his first YouTube video in April 2011. Then, he started producing videos to spread his expertise of gadgets and technology.

During his time in college, he worked as an intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers, an accounting firm with offices in London. He was still actively creating content for his online audience at this point.

Arun received a job offer for an entry-level position with a salary of about $46,000 after completing his internship. He turned down the opportunity in preference of concentrating on his YouTube channel.

Mrwhosetheboss Career

In the end, Maini stopped doing phone reviews and began creating videos. He expanded the range of his videos as the popularity of the channel increased to cover laptops, cars, and even vacuum cleaners.

Additionally, he has made videos in which he discusses topics such as the growth of the metaverse and the media manipulation by internet companies. His most watched videos are “How this wallpaper destroys your phone” with 18 million views and “Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram” with 24 million views.

He entered into a contract with Night Media, a talent agency. He also took home a prize at the 2021 Streamy Awards in the technology category. Now 10.7 million people subscribes to the Mrwhosetheboss channel. His other channel Mrwhosetheboss Shorts has 1.99 million subscribers.

Till date he has collaborated with many other legends including Gaurav Chaudhary also known as Technical Guruji, Lewis George aka Unbox Therapy, Marques Browless aka MKBHD.

Mrwhosetheboss Family and Girlfriend

Dinesh and Malti, his parents, are both cosmetic surgeons who work at Zenith Cosmetic Clinic. He is of Indian descent, and his family has lived in the UK for many years despite being primarily from Chandigarh, India. All of his siblings, Karan, his younger brother, and Aanavee, his sister, are UK citizens because they were all born in UK.

The rising star of the online media has relocated his life out of the public eye and the spotlight. His better half’s quirks and dating background are currently unknown. He might be too busy pursuing his YouTube career. However, he did post a photo of his girlfriend on Instagram. “When will the review be out”, a fan sarcastically replied in the comments.

Mrwhosetheboss Net worth

The estimated net worth of Mrwhosetheboss is $9.74 million.

Some claim that Mrwhosetheboss’s net worth may actually be larger than that, though. In fact, some estimations put Mrwhosetheboss’s net worth closer to $13.63 million when considering various revenue streams for a YouTube channel.

An estimated $2.43 million is Mrwhosetheboss annual income. According to data from the previous 30 days, Mrwhosetheboss channel saw an average of 1.35 million views per day and 40.56 million views per month. Using this information, we estimate that the channel earns $162.26 thousand in monthly advertising revenue and $2.43 million annually.

However, it’s possible that we’re understating Mrwhosetheboss’s income, he can earn as much as $4.38 million annually, if things go well.

Mrwhosetheboss Physical Measurements

Height                         5’10” ft.
Weight                53 kg
Chest Size              33 inch
Waist Size               30 inch
Biceps                         14 inch
Dress Size               6 US
Shoe Size               9 US
Hair Colour                Black
Eye Colour                Black

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