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Ms Yeah

Ms Yeah Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth       $12 Million
Full name       Zhou Xiaohui
Birth Date       23 July 1994
Age                   28 years
Birth Place       Chengdu, Sichuan
Profession       YouTuber, Chef
Subscribers     11.4 Million

Ms Yeah, a nickname for Zhou Xiaohui, is a Chinese YouTuber and chef. Each video shows the preparation of a dish—typically Chinese—using equipment that is common in an office setting. The lack of narration, commentary, or chat in her videos helped the channel gain popularity worldwide.

Almost 2.8 million people subscribed to her YouTube channel in part because of videos like “Ms Yeah’s watermelon Feast is ready. You lost the invitation; it was her first video to cross 10 million views.

Ms Yeah Early life

Ms Yeah

Zhou Xiaohui, who was born on March 22, 1994, is known for being a YouTuber. In college, she focused on video directing and editing. She graduated from Sichuan Normal University with a degree in choreography and a focus in video directing. Her first position was as a video director intern at Chengdu Radio & Television.

She then worked as a wedding planner before beginning her current position. Zhou’s father, a hotel manager, taught her how to cook when she was a young girl. Before she started posting videos in February 2017, she had already been experimenting with alternative food in the workplace.

Ms Yeah Career

Ms Yeah

E01 Ironing Beef Slices?” was the title of her debut video. Incredible Delicious She has built a homemade oven out of a desk drawer and a light bulb and has made popcorn in a soda can. Ms Yeah claims that she works for a creative company that permits her and her coworkers to cook at the workplace. Despite the fact that Ms Yeah is almost usually the main character in the videos, an unidentified camera operator controls the camera while coworkers only appear in supporting roles.

The majority of the food prepared in the videos is typical Chinese fare, which is not particularly challenging. Although Ms Yeah has acknowledged that the finished products frequently tasted bad, the purpose of her channel is not to advise viewers on how to cook, hence there are no cooking instructions.

In Ms Yeah’s own words, “I’m not interested in being a “cooking teacher.” I do not wish to impart cooking skills to you or the principles of cooking. I simply want to demonstrate my approach to life. The joy of life is accessible anytime and wherever you are.”

Ms Yeah Popularity

Some videos include product placement, wherein a product will be displayed in the video for a price of 500,000 CNY. As of July 2017, the channel had 2.8 million followers on Facebook as opposed to 2.55 million followers on Weibo, which is unusual for a Chinese celebrity. The videos have almost no language barriers because there is no commentary. Additionally, Ms Yeah and the production crew communicate in English on international social media, and she presents as fluent in public speaking. This could account for the videos’ appeal overseas.

Despite the fact that access to YouTube has been limited in China since 2008, Ms Yeah is one of the most popular Chinese YouTubers ever with more than 11 million subscribers as of 2022.

Ms Yeah Boyfriend

She is a very private person, not enough information about her personal life is available. On 1 November 2020, Zhou announced her marriage to her long-time boyfriend but his identity is not revealed yet.

Ms Yeah Net worth

The approximate net worth of Ms Yeah Official Channel is $12.34 million. Although the exact amount of Yeah’s Official Channel’s wealth is unknown.

Only YouTube advertising revenue is used to calculate the $12.34 million estimate. This suggests that her official channel may actually have a higher net worth. In reality, some sources estimate Ms Yeah Official Channel’s net worth to be close to $17.27 million when taking into account additional sources of income for a YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel has about 1.71 million views per day and 51.41 million views per month on average. The Ms Yeah Official Channel YouTube channel earns $3.08 million in annual ad revenue and $205.65 thousand each month. The annual revenue from video commercials might reach $5.55 million if her channel does well.

Ms Yeah Controversy

Two Shandong girls, ages 12 and 14, were hurt in 2019, one of them tragically, apparently trying to replicate one of Ms Yeah’s movies, according to reports. Ms Yeah compensated the girls for their medical expenses, but she disclaimed liability because she had cautioned viewers not to reproduce the recordings and the girls had not followed her instructions exactly.

When the incident, she reportedly thought about stopping the video series after viewers accused her of being to blame for the girl’s death. However, after a one-month break, she resumed uploading. The allegedly imitated video has already been taken off from the channel.

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