Newsfirst SriLanka Biography, Net Worth, Achievements, Classroom, Outdoor Platforms, and More

Newsfirst SriLanka

News first brings people the most recent news, first and foremost, from Sri Lanka’s main news service. Fair and balanced, accurate, fearless reporting in all three languages, Sinhala, English, and Tamil, from a single central place.

News first is the major news company in Sri Lanka. We reach every corner of Sri Lanka while also delivering thorough coverage of world events. News1st boldly enters new disciplines of journalism, setting the example for other media companies in the country.

Newsfirst SriLanka Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$1.17 million
Launched1st October 2003
Subscribers2.07 Million
LanguagesTamil, English, Sinhala
Newsfirst SriLanka

News  Srilanka Outdoor Platforms

In Sri Lanka, News 1st has been in the forefront of media innovation, with a special emphasis on social responsibility. With this emphasis in mind, News 1st launched “Gammedda.” Bringing this notion into the twenty-first century, News 1st has re-energized the Village Council fora by bringing it to the public and reinforcing the basics of democracy by instilling the belief that even the highest levels of government are directly accountable to the people.

News 1st, S-Lon Construction Clinic; is another project carried out with the involvement of the country’s best architects, builders, and engineers, where these specialists give free advice. News 1st Outreach reaches out to all young people in order to develop media literacy and communication skills in them.

News first Sri Lanka Achievements

A television documentary series focused on International Water Day that aired on News 1st has won a silver medal at the 2013 United Nations Correspondents Association Awards (UNCA Award) in the United States. The award-winning piece was collected by News 1st’s Director of English News Shameer Rasooldeen and Executive Producer Zulfick Farzan. Under the Capital Maharaja Organization banner, News 1st Digital is the official web news source, in collaboration with Maharaja television and broadcasting services. In 2007, News 1st Digital started its website, is Sri Lanka’s first trilingual website, providing local, business, political, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports news in English, Sinhala, and Tamil.

The English website received a silver prize at the Awards in August 2013. The English website received another silver prize at the Awards in August 2014, while the Tamil website received a bronze medal.

NewsFirst Srilanka Net Worth

Newsfirst Tamil Sri Lanka is a prominent YouTube channel with 303 thousand followers. The Newsfirst Tamil Sri Lanka YouTube channel, which is situated in the United States, debuted in 2019. Tamil News First Sri Lanka’s actual net worth is unknown, however Net Worth Spot estimates it to be at $1.17 million.However, Net Spot Worth’s calculation only considers one revenue source. Sri Lanka’s net worth may be greater than $1.17 million, according to Newsfirst Tamil. When all revenue streams are considered, Newsfirst Tamil Sri Lanka’s net worth might be as high as $1.64 million.

Newsfirst SriLanka

NewsFirst Classroom

Through Newsfirst classroom, Newsfirst outreach reaches out to youth to teach them media literacy and communication skills, and to help them build a brighter future. Dawasa is a show centred on the current political scenario in Sri Lanka, in which two specialist journalists in the field of politics, along with Newsfirst anchor Roshan Watala, will offer their perspectives. It represents the general public’s views, perceptions, and disadvantages on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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