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Nigel Braun

Nile Red Biography and Net Worth

Nile Red has been given the nickname Nigel Braun. He is the good name the YouTube superstar is known due to the content based on Chemistry. He opened his eyes on seventh September 1991 in Montreal, Canada. According to February 2021, the YouTube channel Nile Red earn more than 276 million viewers ownership and also gain 2.41 million subscribers.  

Nile Red is a YouTube superstar who is well known due to his experimentation and the focus on projects and chemistry-based interesting things. The experiments that Nile Red perform on his YouTube channel are watched again and again by the population even though some of them have been watched greater than 481 million times with equal interest and passion.  

Nile Red also used to share his project work snaps during his project with his fans and followers on his Instagram account which is his official page. 

Nile Red before becoming famous:

Nigel Braun

Nile Red had been great interest in Chemistry and mostly remained busy doing a variety of experiments on different reactions of Chemistry to observe the product after a chemical reaction. After that, Nile Red thinks to start a YouTube channel at which he could upload his experimentation in front of the population and science-loving people.

The first video that he uploaded on his YouTube channel gained fame on social media and became viral which is the manufacturing/preparation of Pharaoh’s Serpent that has the chemical formula as “Mercury (II) ThioCyanate“.

Are you thinking that Nile Red is a Chemist?

Nigel Braun

Nile Red initiated uploading his experimental creation on the YouTube channel named Nile Red in 2014 but at the initial stage. He does not succeed to gain the intentions of a large number of people on the social media site. This is not the continuation of his career, but now at today’s configurations, Nile Red owns greater than 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Experimental videos and projects are based on the Chemistry rules and regulations therefore his followers sometimes called him Chemist.

What is the real name of Nile Red?

The real name of Nile Red is Nigel Braun. Nile Red is given to him on the bases of one of the experimental results in which he manufacture the Nile Red after a series of experiments.

The initial life of Nile Red:

Nile Red is the production and growth of Montreal, Canada. He has studied at the McGill University of Canada and passed out a B.Sc in 2014 in the subject of Biochemistry.

Some Personal figures about Nile Red:

Nile Red belongs to Montreal, Canada, and lived there along with his family. According to the known information about Nile Red. He has a brother who is a great helper of Nile Red with his friend for the formation of project videos of Nile Red for his YouTube channel.

This is also noted that his father was also a great helper and inspiration for him to boost up his studio building to get fame on social media platforms.  

What do you know about the Net worth of Nile Red?

Estimations have proved that the net worth of Nile Red currently has crossed over 2.97 million dollars.

Bodily looks of Nile Red:

According to 2022, Nile Red is thirty-one years old. The height of Nile Red is predicted to be five feet and seven inches. According to this, he is carrying a 68-kilogram weight. Nile Red has dark brown-shaded hairs and eyes.  

Format of the content of Nile Red on YouTube:

Nile Red is not used to posting his experimental videos on daily or weekly bases. He posted a video after a month-long on his YouTube channel with a complete prompt. Nile Red’s videos almost remain on the subject of different chemical reactions and chemical experiments.

The career of Nile Red as a Chemist and social media sensation:

After the completion of his graduation, Nile Red initiated to work as a Laboratory technician. That was the time when he started posting his experimental videos on YouTube under the name “Video Lab Report” at the start of the year 2014. In the beginning, he does not gain any positive response at all but checking in 2018 proved that he has been gaining a nice and positive reaction.  

Nile Red originated as a student of Chemistry best grad in 2015 then he initiate to conduct his experiments in the garage of his parents where he lived. He has to leave his master’s degree incomplete due to some personal issues.

From the middle to the end of 2016, Nile Red earned more than one million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Informational facts about Nile Red:

  • Nile Red was born on seventh September 1991.
  • Nile Red is a resident of Montreal, Canada.
  • Nile Red is termed the social media celebrity who offers content on the bases of experiments in Chemistry.
  • The favourite element of Nile Red is Bromine due to its interesting reactions.

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