Ong Squad Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Ong Squad

Ong Squad Biography and Net Worth

Ong Squad is a popular social media star due to uploading the lifestyle, videos on food items, and comedy videos. Ong Squad has a TikTok account named “ongsquad” now succeed to gain eight million fans following and likes 218 million.  

Ong Squad is a social media sensation who is considered a Canadian-Chinese personality. Ong Squad gained popularity from his own formed account on TikTok. The real name of Ong Squad is Melissa Ong. But she is not known by his real name but instead known for his Ong Squad name. Ong Squad opened her eyes on twenty-five May 1993 in the US and also grew up there.

Ong Squad is in the list of most famous and the best TikTok formers among the TikTok application. Until now, Ong Squad has gained 7.7 million fans following his TikTok site for the short videos that she uploaded on TikTok numbered merely 433.

The content types created by Ong Squad are different from other TikTok creators because she creates the videos based on other personalities due to which she gains the attention and following from a huge number of people. According to the most famous TikTok stars in the world, Ong Squad lies at the 1762nd position in her ranking.

Initial life before becoming famous:

Ong Squad

Ong Squad started uploading the videos on the TikTok account on the Eleventh of May 2020. She uploads videos based on comedy, Photos with family and friends, and selfies of herself On the Instagram account named one squad. Her Instagram page has reached 170000 fans following in a little period of time.

Once she formed a video subjected to ten years of her life at the time when she was pregnant gains the record of five million views in a little time of only twenty hours. On the other hand, another topic “How to video on the platform” is also much famous and earns millions of views within no time.  

Family and educational background of Ong Squad:

Ong SquadOng SquadOng Squad

Ong Squad took birth and grew up in the United States. Residentially, Ong Squad is Canadian-Chinese. She has completed her graduation from the United States. According to her marital status, it is revealed that she is married and blessed with five children.

Age and Date of Birth of Ong Squad:

Ong Squad took birth on the twenty-fifth of May 1993. According to 2022, now she is twenty-nine years passed in this world. The birthplace of Ong Squad is the United States of America. Ong Squad contains the nationality of America.

What are the professions of Ong Squad?

Ong Squad started uploading her own videos on Tiktok in 2020. Initially, Ong Squad does it only for the sake of time passing and fun but after that, she pursues it as a profession after the accomplishment among the population. Now Ong Squad is a TikTok superstar and social media sensation.

What about the apparent looks of Ong Squad?

Now Ong Squad has five children but she keeps herself fit and stable. Ong Squad contains an attractive figure. Ong Squad owns five feet and five inches in height and according to it, the weight is 56 kilograms.

What is the Net worth of Ong Squad?

The net worth of Ong Squad lies between 0.5 million to 0.6 million dollars.

What do you know about the career of Ong Squad?

Ong Squad started uploading pictures and videos on TikTok in early 2020. Commonly, Ong Squad was posting her selfies snaps, photos with his family and friends, and also the comedy videos. Once she formed a video subjected to ten years of her life at the time when she was pregnant gains the record of five million (5 K) views in a little time of only twenty hours.

Some lesser-known facts about Ong Squad:

  • Ong Squad is a Canadian-Chinese TikTok star.
  • Ong Squad loves to pastime with her children.
  • Ong Squad posts pictures and videos of herself along with her family and friends.
  • Ong Squad wants to do modelling and acting also.

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