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Paige Dunham is a philanthropist and businesswoman. She has also worked as a film producer and is an open advocate for divorced women. She has been appreciated by everyone for her work in various charity organizations.

Paige Dunham Biography and Net Worth

Net worth $20 M
Full NamePaige Dunham
Birth DateMarch 13, 1968
Age54 years
Birthplace Savannah, Georgia, United States
ProfessionProducer, Businesswomen

Paige Dunham Career

Paige Dunham was born in Savannah, Georgia but she was raised in Amelia Island, Florida. Her family owned a dance studio and Paige Dunham grew up fond of dancing. Paige Dunham Biography Net Worth She finished her high school in West Palm Beach Florida and attended the Clemson University in South Carolina. Paige Dunham majored in business and later she moved back to West Palm Beach.

Paige Dunham rose to fame and status in entertainment industry after she got married to famed comedian and entertainer Jeff Dunham. The couple had two daughter and while Paige Dunham was a stay at home mom she played a major role in her husband’s career. Jeff Dunham was becoming more and more famous as a comedian and Paige Dunham played a huge role in that. She worked with her husband for almost 14 years helping him with writing material, planning meetings for show ideas, and in addition to that she also managed the merchandise side of Jeff Dunham Empire. Paige started working on developing databases for Jeff Dunham’s online fans along with that she also managed and created his merchandise, and she also put together his newsletters. She also helped published a book titled ‘Dear Walter..’ in 2003.

founding member of Jeff and Paige Dunham Foundation

Paige Dunham was also the founding member of Jeff and Paige Dunham Foundation in 2006. The purpose of the foundation was to take a portion of Jeff Dunham’s stand up shows proceeding and help people in need. She also used eBay to sell meet and greets at the show and other stuff to raise funds for the organization. Together the couple managed to create quite a career however, the marriage didn’t last and in 2008 Jeff Dunham filed for divorce. The divorce was carried out in 2012. After going through a tough divorce, Paige Dunham now dedicates her time and efforts to women in need and women going through rough marriages and divorce. She is also quite passionate supporter of children’s charities. She is still working on her charity foundation which she renamed ‘The Paige Dunham Foundation’.

In 2013, Paige Dunham served as an executive producer for a feature film titled ‘The face of love’ which was in collaboration with Mockingbird Pictures.

Paige Dunham Net Worth

Paige Dunham is the ex-wife of famous comedian Jeff Dunham. The two as a couple were able to build quite a career with a huge net worth. Currently, estimates states that the net worth of Paige Dunham is close to 20 million dollars. Paige Dunham is a women rights advocate and known for her charitable work. She is also known for her work as a film producer.

Paige Dunham Features

Hair colourBlonde 
 Eye colourBlue

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