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YouTube Channel PhoneRadar now Known as Amit Bhawani, run by Amit Bhawani is a resource for any phone fan to learn about the present, the history, and the expectations for the near future of mobile phones. PhoneRadar attempts to tell each of the technological news in the deepest, unbiased, and simplest way possible, with up-to-date information. The channel has amassed 883 thousand subscribers and more than 160 million views with 3000 plus videos. 

Phone Radar YouTube Channel

Net Worth                     $100 thousand
Full Name                      Amit Bhawani
Birth Date                      4 April 1984
Age                                  38 years
Birthplace                      India
Profession                      YouTuber, Blogger, Entrepreneur
Subscribers                    883k

Amit Bhawani Early Life

Amit Bhawani was raised with his family after being born on April 4, 1984, in India. At a private high school in his birthplace, he received his early education. He later accepted himself into a university and obtained a four-year certification at that point and he is 38 years of age (as of 2022). Amit began working as a website administrator in 2004 after completing his education. He also bought the domain name for his first business, Digital World Solutions, at the same time. After a year, he started writing for the PhoneRadar blog, where he contributed innovation-related articles.

However, he first began contributing to the website in 2007. Bit by step, his tech material drew people’s interest and made him quite renowned. His blog began to acquire popularity about 2009, and towards the end, he may have been India’s most bombastic blogger. Amit created two businesses called The Seo World and HostBrains Software Private Limited in the meantime.

Amit Bhawani Career

After achieving blog goals, Amit joined YouTube on February 26, 2011, and established a PhoneRadar channel. He renamed his YouTube channel Direct to his own name “Amit Bhawani” in the middle of 2022. On February 26, 2011, he uploaded his introductory video to YouTube. “Samsung Galaxy Pop Vs Galaxy Ace-S5570 versus S5830 Mobiles” is the title of the video. He has now amassed enormous popularity and posted a ton of content to her channel. Amit essentially uploads recordings like “I INSERT A MICROCHIP INTO MY BODY!” and PC unboxing videos to YouTube. The “Ultra human Cyborg Wearable Blood Glucose Tracker Unboxing!” and “Apple iPhone-13 & 12 Mini Giveaway – The Update One Year Later!” videos, “Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Unboxing with Pros and Cons SD730G | 2K OLED screen | DOLBY Atoms and Vision,” and other videos, are examples of unboxings.

phone radar

In addition, it provides content relating to tech surveys and suggestions. Such records include “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review,” “Best Wireless Earbuds/Earphones under Rupee 2000 in India,” and “Xiaomi Mi A1 Review: Is this the best smartphone under Rs 15,000?” From there, the sky is the limit. Additionally, it posts tests, other content, and technological news on its YouTube channel. The Indian Food Challenge ft. Unbox Therapy and Technical Guruji Part #1, “Apple banned us: Our video is blocked globally,” “Honor 9N Vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro: What is it? Better?” and many videos from Amit Bhawani channel have gone popular. These recordings span a wide range of viewpoints. Amit has two more YouTube channels, Amit Bhawani Gujarati and Amit Bhawani English.

In addition to YouTube, Amit is active on Instagram. He was primarily presents his way of life, lovely images, travel shots, and brief reel recordings. He also promotes hosting Instagram material from both himself and YouTube. currently has a significant amount of Instagram followers.

phone radar

Amit Bhawani Family

Hindu working-class parents gave birth to Amit in India. His sister Kajal Bhawani has been featured on his Instagram page. Jyoti Bhawani, a young woman, and Amit got married. A boy named Chirag Bhawani and a girl named Jiya Bhawani were born to them. On his Instagram page, Amit frequently posts pictures of himself with his family. The pair appears to be happy together and to be leading a prosperous life based on their appearance on online media.

Amit Bhawani Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar) is $100,000. The projection of $100,000 is solely based on YouTube ad revenue. In all likelihood, Amit Bhawani has a far bigger net worth. In fact, some estimates estimate Amit Bhawani’s net worth to be around $250,000 when accounting for additional sources of income for a YouTuber.

An estimated $20.26 thousand is Amit Bhawani’s yearly income. Over 11.26 thousand people every day watch the Amit Bhawani YouTube channel. We project Amit Bhawani’s annual income to be $20.26 thousand, or $1.35 thousand each month. However, our estimate might be too low and Amit Bhawani might earn more than $36.47 thousand each year. YouTubers also rarely rely just on one source of income, aside from promoting their own goods, influencers can also land sponsorships or earn money through affiliate commissions.

Amit Bhawani Height and Weight

Height                        5 feet 8 inch
Weight                       60 kg
Eye color                    Dark Black
Hair color                  Dark Black


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