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Plainrock124 Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth         $2 Million
Full Name           King Liang
Birth Date           February 4, 1999
Age                       23 years
Birthplace           Yakima, Washington.
Profession          YouTuber

American YouTuber King Liang owns the Plainrock124 channel. He is well known for the smashing videos that make up the “Bored Smashing” series. He is a unique performer on social media who breaks a variety of technology, including gaming consoles, laptops, mobile phones, and more.

On his, side channel, PlainrockVlogs, Liang also frequently vlogs. His amazing method of presenting his films on both of his channels has drawn many viewers! Liang has 2+ Million Subscribers on the channel Plainrock124 with millions of views.


Plainrock124 Early Life

23 years old, King Liang was born on February 4, 1999, in Yakima, Washington. Likewise, his family is from Flagstaff, Arizona. He shared childhood with his sister, although he has not yet given her name. He is an Aquarius by birth sign. In a video, he also disclosed that he is asexual. Despite not mentioning their names, he was born to Chinese parents.

He has American citizenship and Asian ancestry. Regarding his educational history, he is enrolled at a university right now, but he has not revealed the subject he is majoring in. From childhood, he was renowned for his caustic sense of humor and slightly sarcastic personality.

Plainrock124 Career

On August 24, 2011, he started the Plainrock124 YouTube channel and uploaded his debut video, “% @#! You Poptropica.” In that video, he discussed Poptropica, an online role-playing game, and expressed his displeasure with its recently added membership registration option. He did, however, begin to become well-known for his caustic sense of humor and slightly sarcastic demeanor. Additionally, he uploaded a video of him smashing a Tamagotchi in which he tried various techniques. The video was titled “Bored Smashing – Tamagotchi.”

Through this video, he achieved considerable renown and began to receive recommendations from fans for similar, more successful videos. The water gun, not the Tamagotchi, was the subject of his first Bored Smashing video. Due to music with copyrights, it was taken down. King has claimed in one of his videos that he no longer has any of the data.

His channel rose to new heights in May 2015 after he posted the video “How to Annoy Phone Scammers.” He provided some tips for fending off phone scammers in the video, which quickly made him a viral sensation. More than 13 million people have viewed it.

He created another video in November of that same year, which helped him become even more well-known. the almost 18 million views of the video “50 Ways to Break a Tablet.” His video, “25 WAYS TO BREAK A SWITCH LITE,” which has received almost 18 million views, is absolutely worth viewing.

Since then, he has consistently posted jaw-dropping videos, building a respectable fan base. Today, more than 2 million people subscribe to his channel Plainrock124. On January 24, 2015, he later launched his second YouTube channel, PlainrockVlogs.

Plainrock124 Channel Content

In his “50 Ways to Break” series, which consists of 50 little skits, King breaks various technological devices. The product is dropped twice—once dry and once in water—in the first two clips. The following 48 clips feature amusing sketches in which the product is smashed. He uses a sledgehammer to destroy the product in the film’s concluding scene. King also hosts a different series called “Bored Smashing,” in which he researches and executes the riskiest ways to destroy a product.

He created a unique variation of the Bored Smashing Series called “Bored Smashing: Grocery Store Phones,” in which he purchases a phone from a grocery store and smashes it in the same manner as the other Bored Smashing Series. He also developed the series “2 Generous 4 U,” in which he gave friends and family members technology. He also has another series called “Moving On,” in which King improves His Technology while making it seemly interesting in the eyes of his fans. He also hosts a series called “How to Flex” in which he instructs viewers on how to “weirdly” flex various objects.


Plainrock124 Net Worth

His net worth is thought to be between $2 million and $3 million, according to certain websites. However, he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle because of his reliable source of income. In his video, he also demonstrates how he purchased his own car with his own money.

Plainrock124 Relationship

King Liang’s relationship status is single. He admitted in his video that he is asexual; therefore, it makes sense that he is not currently dating anyone. He prefers spending time alone and with himself. However, he also keeps himself occupied working on his career.

Plainrock124 Height and Weight

Although he is sometimes nasty to the things he destroys most of the time, King Liang is incredibly energetic and has a sarcastic sense of humor. He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, or 167 cm, and weighs 124 pounds (56 kilograms). His eyes are dark brown, and his hair is black.

Height                            5.6
Weight                           56 kg
Eye color                       Dark Brown
Hair color                     Black

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