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Raffi Nagita

Raffia Ahmad is the Well known actor in Indonesia. He is not only in the acting but also the best personality, presenter, singer, entrepreneur, and producer of Sundanese. The date of birth of Raffi Ahmad is February 17, 1987. He belongs to a Pakistani background. The name of his father is Munawar Ahmad, and the name of his mother is Amy Qanita. His mother died at a young age. 

Raffi Nagita Biography And Net Worth:

Full NameRaffi Ahmad and Nagita 
Birth DateFebruary 17, 1987
Age32 years
ProfessionModel, actor
WifeNagita Slavina 
Net Worth$21 million

What is the personality of Raffi Nagita? 

As we know that Raffi is the best actor and he has worked in many soap operas, films, and movies. He is also the Well known advertiser but commonly the host. Raffi has the same passion as his late mother. He, along with Siobhan, relates her passion to her mother. It is true that he and his mother have the same passion. Both are very caring about animals and each other. It is the reason why Raffi feels the same because of the same passion.

Initial education of Raffi Nagita:

The date of birth of Raffi is February 17, 1987, and the place of birth is Bandung, West Java. He has two siblings, but he is the oldest of all. No doubt he has had a very successful career in his life till now. It is true that he has always been the hottest topic because of his romance, such as Laudya Bella, Zainal, Galih, Mirasih, and Vexia. 

Family belonging of Raffi Nagita:

Raffi Ahmad was born in West Java. He is the older child among all three siblings. He became successful in his age in the middle of his age. He was in a relationship with another actor, Krishdayanti’s sister “Yuni.” This girl was 14 years old, and their relationship remained for 4 years. But the main issue is that he faced many controversies because of this relationship.

Raffi Nagita
Raffi Nagita

Awards won by Raffi Nagita:

Raffi has received four bright awards in his career. These are the awards that are given to creative people around the world. As we know, TV advertisement is very important in communication. The awards are given to the celebrities in collaboration with MNC Media and Indonesian Advertising Companies. 

In 2009, Raffi got the Dahsyatnya award, which was an annual award given by the regular TV show in Indonesia. This award was specified for singers that were perfect in music and entertainment. It is true that Raffi was nominated 10 times for these awards, but he got on 2 awards.

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Raffi Nagita: 

Raffi is not only a famous actor but also the Well known model of all time. He started his modeling career before he joined Cover Boy in 2001. Besides acting, he also performed as an advertisement celebrity, presenter, and singer. He performed in his first soap opera as a supporting actor. Then he again worked in another soap opera as the main character with another Well known actor Bunga Lestari. After that, he started appearing in many soap operas, films, and TV shows.

In 2008, Raffi became more famous after his film with the best actors, Liar and Asoy. The producer of this film was Rudy Soedjarwo. Then he participated in a music program that was hosted by 2 intelligent artists. It was the point when Raffi gained much fame in his career life. He released a song that got positive responses.

Raffi Nagita

Net Worth carrying by Raffi Nagita:

Raffi Ahmad is the richest celebrity, as many other celebrities are. He lives a very comfortable life with family and friends. It is only because he has gained much fame and success through his work. The Net income of Rafii is almost 22 million dollars till June 2022.

Body dimension carried by Raffi Nagita: 

  • Raffi has recorded a 5’9″ height among other actors. 
  • He has maintained his weight and figure at 7kg in his acting career. 
  • His personality speaks louder than his acting.
  • Raffi has dark brown deep eyes shade.
  • He has black color hair which looks outstanding. 

Specifications of Raffi Nagita:

The name of the Wife of Raffi is Nagita Slavina, who is also a famous actress. Both are childhood friends and like each other. Both were married on October 17, 2014, when Raffi was 27 years old. Their marriage became very famous on social media as well as on TV shows. The reason is that they have lavish marriages in 3 cities of Indonesia. These 3 cities were Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung. In Jakarta, they enjoyed the Javanese procession, wedding ceremony, and reception. While in Bali, they enjoyed the private party and Ngunduh Mantu in Bandung. 

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 70kg
Figure Measurement: 34-36-32 inches
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black


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