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The well-known Youtuber, Danapala Mudiyanselage Rathidu was on 7 December 1987 in Sri Lanka. He started his career in 2012 as a producer. He is a prominent figure on Youtube and other social media by his stage name Ratta. Ratta is one of the famed notable Youtube channel and brand in Sri Lanka. Rathidu produced videos and comic stories by himself. He was always interested in becoming an actor; he started his job as an accountant in bank where his colleagues called him Ratta which he later on used as stage name on his social media channels.

Ratta  Biography And Net Worth

Net worth$82.8K – $497K
CountrySri Lanka
You tuber since2012
Video count144

About Ratta

Ratta had made his first video in March 2016 and the title of that video was Adhbhoota Putuwa (The Mysterious Chair). He bought his new camera and in order to check the quality of that camera he recorded his first video and after he uploaded that video on Facebook, after witnessing this thing that the first video gained 10,000 views he got inspired to start his YouTube channel in 2017 with his popular title Ratta. In 2018 he started his career as a full time content creator.

Ratta YouTube Channel

After the successful victory of Ratta in YouTube channel of Sri Lankakan YouTube industry, he began to start making more videos and share his videos via YouTube channel. He used to deliver his messages to youth through his videos. He emphasized on the importance of social media and aware the youth about negative and positive consequences of social media and how they can use the platforms of social media in order to convey their messages. He delivered his messages to Sri Lankan youth to use the social media channels effectively.

Ratta Popular Videos

As far as Ratta’s popular videos are concerned, the first video Ratta recorded in November 2018. It was all about the parody of video of the popular “Vogue Jeweler’s advertisement theme song “Mangala Muddu Maala Walalu’ that was sung my very renowned Indian singer ‘Sonu Nigam’ in very short span of time that video went viral in Sri Lanka. At this time, he realized that every video he made and upload on social media started getting thousands of views after which, his videos became trending videos on social media and he can see that there was huge pile of subscribers on his  You Tube channel. He witnessed that his videos had 35,000 views in October 2018 but in 2019 January that video leads with 1,000,000 views.


Ratta Net Worth

Ratta became successful in his videos and it is estimated that Ratta’s YouTube channel has 1,370,000 subscribers lately and 220,925,063 views on his videos. The estimated net woth of Ratta is $82.8K $497K and estimated earnings of Ratta’s channels are also notable that can be seen from last 7 days $433K and last 30 days earnings od Ratta’s channel counted as $811K.

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