RCSparks Studio Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Fact, and More

RCSparks Studio

RCSparks Studio Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                   $515k
Full Name                    Aaron Bidochka
Birth Date                    February 25, 1977
Age                                45 years
Birthplace                  Thunder Bay, Canada
Profession                  Youtuber
Wife                             Jem Bidochka

Aaron Bidochka, a Canadian, runs the RCSparks Studio YouTube channel, which is devoted to remote-controlled cars, planes, boats, and other vehicles. The channel has amassed more than 3.5 million subscribers and 1.8 billion views, demonstrating its great success.

RCSparks Studio Early Life

RCSparks Studio

On February 25, 1977, Aaron Bidochka, who created RCSparks Studio, was born in Thunder Bay, Canada. Bidochka graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a marketing degree in 2000. Aaron is 44 years old as of 2022 and he was born under the sign of Pisces, with Violet and Primrose serving as his birth flowers. Aaron Bidochka, who was born in Thunder Bay, turned his passion for remote-controlled cars into a full-time career. His interest and favourite hobby from childhood were playing with remote control cars and he realized after his graduation that his career is also his hobby.

RCSparks Studio Career

RCSparks Studio

RCSparks Studio was created on 21 January 2008 in Canada. Bidochka, who has experience with both music and video production, started the channel as a hobby while he was employed in the oil and gas sector’s computer technology. However, according to Bidochka of CBC, he was fired in 2008.

Therefore, he began recording RC car videos for pleasure and submitting them to YouTube. At the same time, he learned about YouTube’s partner program. This makes it possible for content creators like Bidochka to receive a share of the money made from the advertising that appears alongside their videos. When Bidochka joined, his earnings were modest at first, but after a few years, he was earning several thousand dollars per month. In 2011, he made it his full-time career.  RC vehicle videos are posted on the RCSparks YouTube channel, which is operated by Bidochka, who now resides outside of Calgary.

Additionally, the 1,150 videos on the channel have received more than one billion views, and 3.56 million subscribers marking a remarkable achievement for the channel. The channel, according to Bidochka, “truly is family-oriented.” “You understand no foul words. It’s truly all about having fun with your loved ones and, if you’re by yourself, showcasing your ability to build and operate radio-controlled cars in unusual and imaginative ways.” He was featured in the 2013 television news segment “What Makes Videos Go Viral” from Calgary, Canada. RCSparks Studio has 227k followers and 7.62 million views on its Facebook page and 88k followers on Instagram.  

One of the popular videos of RCSparks Studio that has 106 million views titled “RC ADVENTURES – NEW Capt. MOE & the AquaCraft Rescue 17 Fireboat RTR “SCALE BOAT.” Some of his popular videos that cross a million views include RC ADVENTURES – TTC 2012 – Eps 5 – MUD BOG / TRUCK KiLLER – Scale 4×4 Truck Challenge, HER VERY FIRST TIME! COUPLE ENJOY their 49cc GAS “Toy” RAMINATOR MONSTER TRUCKS, This Tiny Excavator cost me $10,000 USD, YouTube GOLD – “PAYDAY”, YouTube GOLD – A GOLDEN OPPORUNITY (s2 e19), and RC ADVENTURES – GREATEST Onboard RC JET Video Ever Filmed.

RCSparks Studio Family

Aaron Bidochika is a married man and his wife is Jem Bidochika. Their first son Maurice Bidochka was named after his Great Grandpa, his Grandpa, and his Daddy, and he was born on October 26, 2013. His son is 8 years old and appears in most of Aaron’s remote cars videos along with his wife. The couple shares various videos together; recently they shared a video of new property they bought in Covid.

RCSparks Studio Net Worth

The approximate net worth of RCSparks Studio is $515.34k. Although the precise amount of RCSparks Studio’s wealth is unknown, we believe it to be around $515.34 thousand. Some have hypothesized that RCSparks Studio’s net worth may actually be higher than that. When various sources of income are taken into account, RCSparks Studio’s net worth might reach $721.47k.

RCSparks Studio reportedly brings in $128.83k annually. More than 2.15 million people watch the videos on the RCSparks Studio YouTube channel each month. YouTube channel that uses advertising to monetize makes money for each 1,000 video views eventually and YouTube channels typically make between $3 and $7 for every thousand video views. These calculations allow us to determine that RCSparks Studio earns $8.59 thousand per month or $128.83 thousand annually. However, $128.83k per year may be a modest estimate. RCSparks Studio might earn as much as $231.9k annually.

RCSparks Studio Height and Weight

Height                   5’10”
Weight                   75 kg
Chest                             40’
Waist                             32’
Biceps                            12’
Eye Color                    Hazel
Hair Color                    Brown/Blonde
Dress Size                    14 (US)
Shoe Size                    8 (US)

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