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Recipes by Carina

Recipes by Carina is a New Zealand-based cooking YouTube channel run by a certified chef Carina. The channel has hundreds of videos on different recipes and the most attractive thing is the thumbnail she makes for her recipes. The channel Recipe by Carina has crossed 723 thousand subscribers and millions of views.

Recipes by Carina Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                 $300k
Founded                     24 Jun 2013
Founder                      Carina
Country                       New Zealand
Subscribers                723k
Views                           104.39 Million
Videos                         188

Recipes by Carina-Creator Intro

Recipes by Carina

Carina has had professional training as a chef, food photographer, and recipe creator. Her passion is for food, cooking, and baking, and she loves spending time in the kitchen. Here, she offers both traditional recipes and intriguing new flavours. Carina’s love for cooking made her one of the most followed chefs in New Zealand. She enjoys cooking and developing recipes just as much as she enjoys taking pictures and arranging outfits.

She has a wide variety of recipes here, from sweet to savoury, straightforward to complex. She is frequently questioned about her favourite cooking recipe, but she finds it difficult to pick just one. “The BEST Fluffy Pancakes you’ll ever eat (2 million )”, and “Banana Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream (1 Million)” are some of her favourite videos on the channel Recipe by Carina.

Recipes by Carina YouTube Channel

You will not believe how far it has come since she first launched her cooking recipe website and YouTube channel back in 2012. She works full-time on YouTube, generating recipes and cooking videos, which is her absolute dream and something she still struggles to believe is real. She has always loved cooking and eating and cannot recall a time when she did not. She first began her schooling to become a professional chef but later concluded that was not her calling. She also had a passion for photography off-camera, so she combined the two loves by starting Recipes by Carina. Her channel includes different types of recipes from simple to technical and she has taught cooking to thousands of her subscribers.

Recipes by Carina Videos

Recipes by Carina

The first video on the channel posted 8 years ago was “How to Make Bath Bombs |DIY bath bombs recipe”, this video has five million views as of now. The second video uploaded on the channel is “DIY sugar scrub” which has 1.4 million views. The third video with 10k views was “Easter cupcake recipe.” Some other starting videos on her channel are “How to Cut your own hair”, “DIY cupcake candle”, “DIY wax hair removal |sugar waxing”, “how to make mini gingerbread house” and “Healthy brownie recipe.”

The most viewed video of Recipe by Carina is “Buttercream icing recipe |how to make perfect buttercream frosting” which has 22 million views in total. Some popular videos on the channel that is worth watching include “Chocolate buttercream recipe”, “chocolate ball recipe”, and “berry cheesecake recipe| no bake cheesecake recipe.” Some other videos having millions of views are “how to make pancakes fluffy pancakes recipe”, “How to make crepes| French crepe recipe”, “Belgian waffles recipe how to make waffles”, “how to make cupcakes vanilla cupcakes”, and “how to make macarons perfect macarons recipe.”

Recipes by Carina Net worth

We estimate Recipe by Carina’s net worth to be over $300 thousand. While the exact net worth of the recipe by carina is unknown. The $300 thousand forecast of net worth is only based on YouTube advertising revenue. Realistically, Recipe by Carina’s net worth may actually be far higher. Considering these additional revenue sources, the net worth carina may be worth closer to $450 thousand.

Recipe by Carina’s yearly income is thought to be 31.760 thousand dollars. More than 500 thousand people see the videos on Carina’s YouTube channel each month. All the monetized YouTube channels make money by displaying ads through the YouTube partner program. YouTube channels that are monetized typically make between 3-7 dollars for every thousand video views. If the recipe by carina falls within this range, she makes 100 dollars each day and 600 o 700 dollars in a week. According to our estimate, she makes 2.77 thousand dollars per month or 31.60 thousand dollars annually. Some monetized YouTube channels earn even more than $7 for a thousand video views on videos. Recipe by carina might earn as much as $47.67 thousand annually, on the top end. However, it is uncommon for channels to rely solely on one revenue stream. In addition to advertisers, popular YouTubers can make more money by promoting their own goods and might land speaking engagements.


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