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Rémi Gaillard

French comedian, prankster, and YouTube sensation Rémi Gaillard is most known for his bizarre videos and outlandish sense of humor. Rémi is well known for his spoof videos of Rocky Balboa and for dressing up as characters to play practical jokes on people. He frequently quotes a French proverb as his official motto: “C’estenfaisantn’importe quoi qu’ondevientn’importe qui,” which translates to “It is by doing anything that one becomes anyone.” The phrase is supposed to serve as a reminder to performers to be adaptable. His abilities go beyond simple practical jokes.

Rémi Gaillard Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$80.48 thousand
Full NameRémi Gaillard
Date of Birth7 February 1975
Age47 years
BirthplaceMontpellier, Occitanie, France
ProfessionPrankstar Youtube Animal Right Activist
GenrePranks Entertainment
Rémi Gaillard

Remi Gaillard Early Life

Rémi originally began playing practical jokes and pranks on others when he was fired from his job at a shoe store. He recorded his first video in 1999. After receiving an enormous amount of support from the public, he built his own website in 2001. His appearance at the 2002 Coupe de France finals, where he eluded security and celebrated with the winning squad, helped him become famous. Then-President Jacques Chirac also commended him for his performance.

Rémi persisted in taking part in the celebrations after the team won, doing the victory lap alongside them, and he also held the trophy without being discovered. Since then, the variety of his jokes and performances has increased. Most of his practical jokes include his dressing up as Mario and Pacman and using a kart to travel on public roads. He surprises audiences by appearing in several of his videos dressed as various cartoon characters, like a kangaroo and Santa Claus.

Remi Gaillard Career

Rémi started playing practical jokes on people in his spare time after losing his job at a shoe store. He is the seventeenth-most subscribed comic on YouTube as of March 2012. He participates in football and has released movies showcasing his abilities, one of which features Brazilian footballer Ronaldo. Gaillard has made multiple appearances at sporting events, TV game shows, political rallies, and the 2011 Banksy documentary The Antics Roadshow.

Remi Gaillard Net Worth

Rémi is currently one of the top 20 trending comedians on YouTube, with a staggering net worth of 20 million pounds. Rémi’s YouTube channel is presently one of the most subscribed comedy channels on the platform with over 6 million followers. His most popular video is the “Kangaroo” clip, which has had over 75 million views since he launched the channel in 2007. He has appeared in a few films as an actor.

Rémi Gaillard

Remi Gaillard Girlfriend

Along with his sister, Rémi was born and reared in Montpellier, France. Given his propensity for being so open with his followers, it is surprising that his personal life is not in the spotlight. He has been seen out on dates with many ladies on multiple occasions. He is single at the moment and concentrating on his comedic career.

Remi Gaillard height and Weight

Height1.76 m
Eye colorBlue
Hair ColorBrown

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