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Rich Gaspari

Richard Gaspari also known as Rich Gaspari is a former IFBB member and retired American professional bodybuilder. Rich Gaspari placed second in the Mr. Olympia competition in 1986, 1987, and 1988 but never achieved first place. Gaspari has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry and he has participated in over 36 professional bodybuilding contests. He is the second-richest bodybuilder in the world and has his supplement brand, Gaspari Nutrition.

Rich Gaspari Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                          $100 M
Full Name                           Richard Gaspari
Birth Date                           16 May 1963
Age                                       59 years
Birthplace                           New Brunswick, New Jersey, US
Profession                          Bodybuilder
Girlfriend                            Dayna Maleton 
Rich Gaspari

Rich Gaspari Early Life

Rich Gaspari was born on 16 May 1963 in New Brunswick, New Jersey as Richard Gaspari and he is 59 years old as of 2022. Gaspari was raised in Edison, New Jersey by his parents and all his family lived there. Rich, who was born and reared in New Jersey, the United States, grew up idolizing superheroes from comic books like Batman, Superman, and The Hulk. From a young age, their powerful bodies fascinated him and he wanted to develop a body like theirs. Soon after turning twelve, Rich developed a liking for bodybuilding and started reading muscle publications. After being inspired by Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, he began learning how to build his body and as a teenager would sneak into the weight room at Rutgers University to use the workout equipment.

Rich Gaspari Career

In 1984, he turned pro. In 1985, he competed in the IFBB Night of Champions and finished in second place. That same year, he also finished third in his maiden appearance at Mr. Olympia. During Lee Haney’s lengthy tenure as champion, Richard finished three times in second place at the Mr. Olympia competition (the most significant on the professional circuit). During the same period, he also took first place in several additional IFBB Grand Prix events. Being the first athlete to display striations on the gluteal muscles, he was commended in particular for his previously unheard-of level of fitness and definition.

Rich Gaspari has spent more than 30 years working in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. He was a prominent professional bodybuilder from the middle of the 1980s to the early 1990s, winning the first Arnold Classic in 1989, Mr. America (now called the NPC Nationals), Mr. Universe, and Professional Mr. World, and finishing third three times in the race for the most coveted title in the Bodybuilding: Mr. Olympia. In 2004, Richard Gaspari was admitted into the IFBB Hall of Fame. He received the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Award in 2011. After 23 years since his previous cover for the magazine, he was depicted on the front of the October 2011 issue of Iron Man and he received the Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

Rich Gaspari Fitness Brand

After giving up competitive bodybuilding, Rich started a line of high-quality supplements and established Gaspari Nutrition, one of the most powerful and reputable businesses in the world. Gaspari Nutrition was established in 1998 with a single objective in mind: to create the highest quality, scientifically based sports nutrition supplements available anywhere in the world. After a client’s inquiry exposed Gaspari Nutrition in a network of supplement manufacturers using misleading ingredient labeling and covertly adding a variety of steroids and/or their derivatives to some of their products in 2005, the firm came under fire. In 2017, a court upheld the complaint alleging FDA violations, soon after, Gaspari sold the business and filed for bankruptcy.

Since that time, Gaspari Nutrition has continued to develop, and when it comes to athletic sports supplements, one brand stands out above the others. Regardless of the niche bodybuilder, MMA fighter, or weekend warrior, Gaspari Nutrition has established itself as a leader in the sports nutrition sector. Since its humble origins, Gaspari has led the way in performance nutrition products with groundbreaking innovation and research-backed solutions. As Gaspari continues to set new industry standards in both efficacy and accountability in the goods that bear his name, Rich and the high-quality staff support their range of sports supplements with true and unbiased independent research.

Rich Gaspari
Rich Gaspari

Rich Gaspari Girlfriend

Rich Gaspari was married to Liz Gaspari but unfortunately for some personal reasons they got divorced and luckily they had no kids. Famous fitness model and IFBB pro bikini competitor Dayna Maleton revealed on her Instagram that Rich Gaspari proposed to her for marriage, she is also a sponsored athlete for Gaspari nutrition. Rich and Dayna are dating for a long time and are ready to be married anytime soon.

Rich Gaspari Net Worth

Rich Gaspari has amassed an estimated $100 million in personal wealth over the past 30 years of his career. Rich’s career peaked in the 1980s and 1990s when he was known by his nicknames “The Dragon Slayer” and “the Itch.” Even though he was elected into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2014, he was a very successful bodybuilder during his career, but the majority of his net worth came from the business he founded called “Gaspari Nutrition.”

Rich Gaspari Height and Weight

Height           5 feet 8 inches
Weight           113 kg
Eye Color      Brown
Hair Color     Black


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