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Ruben Onsu

Ruben Onsu is the best and most popular TV host. He was born on August 15, 1985, in Indonesia. He is not only a famous host but also a popular personality and actor. He hosted Rumpi and also the best show Tawa Sutra. He also hosted many other shows, such as Mamamia, Supermama and many other shows.

Ruben Onsu Biography And Net Worth:

Full NameRuben Onsu
Birth DateAugust 15 1985
Age38 Years
WifeSarwendah Tan
Net Worth$1.3 million

What is the personality of Ruben Onsu? 

Ruben has the zodiac sign Leo which means he is the natural leader. Leo people are artistic, confident, and dominant, and we can’t resist them. Further, they can achieve their aim and achieve anything that they want in life. Leo people have a particular type of strength, and their status in life is different. People with the Leo zodiac sign have many friends that are loyal and intelligent. This sign also indicates attraction and helps to unite different people. These people also have the best sense of humor, so they can easily interact with others. That is the reason why Leo people can easily become a leader.

Initial education of Ruben Onsu:

No doubt everyone has to face difficulties and struggles to achieve their goal. So, they become popular, and many fans love them. If we talk about their talent of Ruben then no doubt he is a famous actor who was born in Indonesia. He has received much fame because he became the leading role in many movies and films such as Pijat Tekan and many others. He has received many awards because of his famous shows. He is also a famous producer that has produced many movies.

Family belonging of Ruben Onsu:

The name of their brother of, Ruben, is Jordi Onsu. The name of his wife is Sarwendah Tan, to whom he married in 2013. The name of his parents is still unknown because he has not shared their names. We don’t know about the other siblings of Ruben and his parents, but soon we will update you. Now we don’t know about their educational background of Ruben. In the middle of bands, he tried to become a music producer by releasing his song.

Ruben Onsu

Awards won by Ruben Onsu:

In 2012, he got his award for being the best game host at the Panasonic Gobel Awards. Ruben is not only an artist; he is also a famous businessman in the culinary field. He owns the famous business sense, which has many branches in Indonesia. He also has 3 branches of big ben business in Indonesia. In 2009, he got an award for the nomination of the Best Reality Show Host.

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Ruben Onsu: 

He has been cast in many movies that became famous because of his best role. The movies in which he was cast:

  • Tina Dan lenong in 2004
  • Anda puas in 2008
  • Atas Tekan in 2009
  • Ummi Aminah in 2012

In 2008, it was rumored that he was married. He hosted the best show Supermama event in which Shiza and her mother participated. But unfortunately, their affair ran in the middle of the road.

In 2012, Ruben and Wendah, who was the previous member of Cherrybelle, were legally engaged by exchanging rings after dating for some months.

Ruben Onsu

Net Worth carrying by Ruben Onsu:

Ruben is the best TV host whose net income is almost 3 million dollars. He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a famous TV actor and television celebrity who hosted Rump. He also hosted the comedy show Tawa Sutra. He also hosted many other shows such as Supermama, Obsess, and many other shows.

Body dimension carried by Ruben Onsu: 

  • Ruben has a stunning 5’5″ ideal height which appears stunning. 
  • Ruben Onsu has maintained his body weight of around 57-58kg.
  • He has gained enough success because of his looks and appearance. 
  • He has brown hair color, which looks stunning in every outfit.
  • Ruben has dark brown eye color. 

Specifications of Ruben Onsu:

Ruben has gained enough popularity and success in his life. He is known to be the best actor and TV host, which mesmerizes the community in the entire world. He faced several issues and controversies in his career life, but nothing stopped him from achieving his goals in this field. Thus he is known to be a fighter as well as a calm personality in the entire community. He prefers to step up every hard situation that leads to achieving better Worth in society!

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 58 kg
Figure Measurement: 34-36-28 inches
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: brown

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