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Ruben Doblas Gundersen, aka Rubius, was born in the area of Spain known as Malaga on the 13th of February, 1990. So by zodiac sign, he is an Aquarius. However, due to some circumstances, his parents got divorced at the age of 3, due to which he later left Spain and went to Bergen, Norway. 

Rubius did his studies in Norway and made his life upgraded with a lot of revolutionaries. He also found a great friend on the Internet at that time, and they are still together like best buddies. 

However, Rubius moved back to Spain permanently, where he got an apartment for himself and had a beautiful cat with him. Moving back to Spain didn’t put any pause on his dreams as he strived hard to achieve and break all the records. 

Rubius also participated in 3D modeling and animation classes to enhance his skills at an early age. To afford these classes, he used to do several jobs to manage his expenses.

Rubius Biography and Net Worth:

Full Name       Ruben Doblas Gundersen
Birth Date          February 13, 1990
Age                    32 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace          Mijas, Spain
Profession         Youtuber, Television Producer, Author
Girlfriend                  Irina Isasia
Net Worth          $7 Million

Rubius’s Family

As Rubius parents were divorced, so there is not much information, available related neither to them nor from resources. However, his father is Spanish, and his mother is Norwegian.

After moving to Norway, he lived with a person named Hector, who was his major support to him, and he usually refers to him in his YouTube videos as “The Godfather.”

Professional Career 

EI Rubius has a very inspiring and incredible career; he’s a self-made millionaire. In 2006, he uploaded his first video on his YouTube channel, but he couldn’t keep the balance and didn’t continue it.

Moving forward to 2011, he again gave a came back, created a channel, “Elrubiusomg,” and started uploading multiple fantastic content on his YouTube channel. His content comprises of different trending types such as Vlogs, Challenge Videos, and Gameplays. 

At the beginning of his career, he immediately made a huge fan base in all Spanish-speaking regions. Also, due to some collaborations and a cameo he did in a film “Torrente 5”.

These are some initial uplifting things he did that gave a raise to Rubius’s Career. From the beginning, he has been interested in writing and publishing books and released a book in 2014 titled “El Libro Troll”. It was considered as a best seller and got a maximum number of sales straight for 2 months in Spain.

Moving on, he also achieved the Diamond Play Button via YouTube, and it happened during the 10th-anniversary celebration of YouTube in Madrid. In 2015 and 2016, he got the chance to appear in the YouTube Rewind editions, where he also published his famous comic one each year by dividing them into two parts.

Who is the Wife/Girlfriend of EI Rubius?

Currently, Rubius is with a well-known model named as Irina Isasia, they have been together since 2016, but neither Rubius nor Irina ever confirmed it on their social media platforms. 

Rubius is highly dedicated to his passion, work, and his family, and to keep the work energy positive he do not like to give input on such things. Even in his past, he never dated anyone and concentrated on his career.

EI Rubius Net-worth

Rubius has made a net worth of almost $7 Million. He got a big rise to his net worth from 2017 to onwards. As he is a Content Creator and a Writer, his source of income is Films, Books, and YouTube. 

Social Media is a massive power in this era, and he has 16.6 Million followers on Instagram, where he gets tons of revenue for brand endorsements.

Awards and Achievements of EI Rubius

In Spain, during the Play Awards Ceremony, 2016, Rubius received his first “Youtuber of the Year.” And in 2022, he got the ESLAND Award in the Streamer of the year category. Significantly, he also got a Diamond YouTube Play Button as a reward for billions of views on his YouTube channel.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’ 3” (in feet)
Weight: 80 (in Kg)
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue

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