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Scott Brown Carpentry

Scott Brown Carpentry is a YouTube channel from New Zealand that uploads carpentry tips, DIY tutorials, and home renovation stories. The channel has almost 331 thousand subscribers and 67 million views with 363 videos as of now.

Scott Brown Carpentry Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth               $135,969
Country                    New Zealand
Created                    23 Nov 2014
Views                        67 M
Subscribers              331 K
Videos                     363

Scott Brown Carpentry Creator Biography

Scott Brown Carpentry

Scott Brown was born in Scotland to a family of carpenters, so it’s in his blood. Before starting his own business in 2016, he finished his apprenticeship at Auckland’s UNITEC and gained experience working on a variety of commercial and residential projects. Scott obtained experience in historical restoration while residing in the UK by working on 18th-century apartments in Edinburgh and a listed thatched cottage in the South of England.

Scott spends his free time skateboarding, travelling, and editing videos for his YouTube channel. He also works on his tools and runs his business. Scott has over 15 years of experience developing both domestically and internationally. He has learned the importance of open communication and openness on a project. This is demonstrated in his reliable and effective method of problem-solving and workplace management. Scott works with his partner Jessica Bell, who is also behind this channel and website.

Scott Brown Carpentry YouTube Channel

Scott Brown Carpentry

On November 24, 2018, Scott Brown launched his YouTube channel. At the time, it seemed like his mother and his girlfriend were the only ones watching the videos he uploaded. He now has more than 331,000 subscribers and is recognized when he drives around town. Jessica Bell and Scott Brown, a couple from Nelson, don’t run your standard Kiwi carpentry business. One of New Zealand’s most well-known YouTube channels has been established by the Scott Brown Carpentry team, with a devoted audience tuning in for tips, DIY lessons, and tales about home renovations. The company became a social media hit because of a concept from four years ago.

He has produced over 300 films, so he has likely addressed many of the subjects that people may search for, such as how to tear down a wall, how to line a wall, or put up a roof, leading them down a rabbit hole. Brown says he’s generally satisfied with the balance between his building and YouTube, his long-term objective is to grow the channel to the point that he can choose only the most fascinating projects to work on, like building a skatepark or a passive house for him and Jess.

Scott Brown Carpentry Videos

The first video posted on the channel was “From Old Office to Flash Flat?” which has 16 thousand views. In this video, he showed the site of a typical Edinburgh flat refurbishment before any of the work kicks off. The second video he posted on the channel was “Installing Timber Laminated Posts to Concrete” which has 20 thousand views. In this video, his pal Paerau and he are installing the glue lamp posts that will eventually hold up the front veranda. The third video on the channel is “OSB Protection. Covering the Wood Work!

The most viewed video on the channel is “Plywood Wall! – NO Nail Holes.” They installed the Okoume Plywood using some crazy effective glue, rebating, and patience in this video. Some of the popular videos on the channel are “Plywood Floating Shelf with Hidden Hatch”, “How to Straighten a Wall For Plasterboard”, “Martinez M1: The Hammer Everyone Is Talking About”, “Makita Track Saw (Why Every Builder Needs One), and “There Is No Point Renovating This Garage.”

Scott Brown Carpentry Net Worth

According to information, Scott Brown Carpentry’s Net worth is about 135,969 thousand dollars. The $135,969 forecast is solely dependent on YouTube ad revenue. When considering additional income from a YouTube channel, some estimates put Scott Brown Carpentry’s net worth at about 250 thousand dollars.

How Much Scott Brown Carpentry Earns

Scott Brown Carpentry’s yearly income is thought to be $40 thousand. Each month, more than 2 million people watch the videos on the Scott Brown Carpentry YouTube channel using this information, we estimate that the Scott Brown Carpentry YouTube channel brings approximately 2700 dollars in monthly advertising revenue. A channel that uses advertising to monetize makes money for each 1,000 video views and per a thousand video views, channels can make anything from $3 -$7. So, we can predict that Scott Brown Carpentry earns 85 dollars daily and 600 dollars weekly. Even more than $7 for a thousand video views on YouTube is earned by some channels so advertising revenue might bring in more than $60 thousand per year if Scott Brown Carpentry earns at the top end.


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