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shauni kibby

Shauni Kibby is famous for the application of TikTok due to a variety of content creation on the subject of comedy, transition videos, lip-synchronization, and challenges. Shauni Kibby reached the top of fame due to the transition videos that she uploaded on her TikTok account named “@itzshauni”. Currently, her profile revealed that she has collected more than 2.5 million followers on her Tiktok account and has gained more than 75 million video likes.

Shauni Kibby is an active n the application of YouTube also where she is famous for uploading the “food trying” skits named “@itzshauni”. Shauni Kibby is also having the honor to run a successful Instagram page where she posts her outstanding and gorgeous pictures to amuse the huge number of population.

Shauni Kibby Biography and Net Worth:

NameShauni Kibby
Date of BirthEleventh of July 2000
Age22 years
Zodiac signCancer
Net worth1 million to 5 million dollars
Marital statusSingle

Biography of Shauni Kibby:

Shauni Kibby opened her eyes in the town of England named Weston-Super-Mare on the Eleventh of July 2000 and according to 2022, she is now 22 years old young girl. Shauni Kibby got the growth along with her three brothers that could watch her pictures and videos on different social media platforms. Shauni Kibby initiated her career in social media from the very little age of 16 years in 2016 and then continued it with damn passion. As everyone knows that there is a wide competition among social media users but we must say that Shauni Kibby contains a unique personality due to which she made her own identity.   

Net worth and social media of Shauni Kibby:

When we consider the fame of Shauni Kibby then we come to know that she has earned a lot of fame with respect to her TikTok account. Currently, it is revealed that Shauni Kibby has greater than 7.2 million fans following and greater than 185.7 million likes on her videos. Shauni Kibby’s YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook, and Instagram page also collected a huge number of fans following over them.

As Shauni Kibby is a popular identity on social media therefore she has earned consider the amount of Net worth during her career. As she always remains active on social media platforms, due to which the earnings of Shauni Kibby increased day by day. The estimated Net worth of Shauni Kibby is round about 1 million to 5 million dollars.

The professional background of Shauni Kibby:

Since childhood, Shauni Kibby has taken social media as her career and then accepts it as her profession. So, she is an Instagram specie, TikTok sensation, and YouTube star.

Family and personal life of Shauni Kibby:

Shauni Kibby is the production of a small town in England named as Western-Super-Mare, Somerset. The mother and father’s names of Shauni Kibby are not revealed by her in any video or picture. But Shauni Kibby could be watching with her three brothers.

Now, Shauni Kibby has a dating relationship with anyone. She characterized and dedicated most of the videos that she published on TikTok and pictures on Instagram to her boyfriend. Some prank videos that Shauni Kibby posted on her YouTube channel are along with her boyfriend. The name of Shauni Kibby’s boyfriend is Sur Faceldn.

Favorite things of Shauni Kibby:

  • The favorite Food of Shauni Kibby is Spaghetti.
  • The favorite subject of Shauni Kibby in school was Physical education.
  • The favorite colors of Shauni Kibby are pink and blue.
  • The favorite movie center of Shauni Kibby is Romance.   

Some lesser-known facts about Shauni Kibby:

  • Shauni Kibby grew up in Somerset, England.
  • On the fifth of November 2016, Shauni Kibby has created her YouTube channel with the name “@itzshauni”.
  • Before Initiating her account on TikTok, Shauni Kibby was active on with the profile of “theshaunikibby”.
  • From her childhood, Shauni Kibby wants to become a hairstylist.
  • Shauni Kibby is very scared of snakes and spiders.
  • On the platform Instagram, Shauni Kibby has a greater than 500 k fan following.

Apparent looks of Shauni Kibby:

Shauni Kibby contains a stunning, eye-catching, and amazing identity in the field of social media. The height of Shauni Kibby is approximately measured as five feet and three inches (5’3″) and according to this height, the weight of Shauni Kibby is sixty kilograms (60 kg). Shauni Kibby has a somehow healthy body type but she has maintained a stunning figure as well. The hair and eyes of Shauni Kibby are brown-shaded in color. 

Weight60 kg
Eye colorbrown
Hair colorbrown

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