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Shawn Yue

Shawn Yue was born and started his education in Hong Kong. He was born on 13th November 1981 in Hong Kong. Shawn started his career with part-time modeling. He further led on to a brilliant job in acting and singing. He is about 41 years of age now and still marking the industry with his remarkable work. 

Shawn Yue Biography and Net Worth

Full NameShawn Yue Man-Lok
Birth Date13th  November 1981
BirthplaceBritish Hong Kong
ProfessionActor, Singer
WifeSarah Wang
Net Worth$5 million
Shawn Yue

What is the personality of Shawn Yue? 

Shawn Yue is a person with hardworking and dedicated nature. He maintains his conscientiousness over the period. He can be observed as a proud person. However, he does not let arrogance overshadow his personality. Shawn Yue is a rigid person, indicating that he prefers to make his own decisions without other people’s interference. Shawn Yue is also less expressive when it comes to showing emotions.  

Initial education of Shawn Yue:

Agents from the modeling agency Starz People first saw him at a young age while he was on the streets of Hong Kong, and he later started modeling part-time. He immediately began modeling full-time after finishing grade 16. Since then, he has modeled for companies including Giordano, Sony, Timberland, Gillette, and Meko. He is also presently a spokesman for Coca-Cola China and Shiseido Pureness.

Family belonging of Shawn Yue:

Shawn Yue has a happy married life. He is married to Sarah Wang. They got married in 2017, making it about five years long marriage. He was also blessed with a baby in 2018 and 2020. The baby was named Cody Yue and Yu Chuxin. The birth of her second child was not revealed to the public. Shawn Yue values and cherishes his family life quite often.  

Awards won by Shawn Yue:

Shawn Yue has worked quite well in the acting and singing industry. His work has been nominated timely. Shawn Yue has won many awards over time. Some of the best awards won by him are Rising Star Song for his work in Return your Keys. He also won the top of the list New Male Artist and Outstanding Performance. His work in “Rule No. 1” also led him to a Best Actor award.

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Shawn Yue: 

Yue entered the Hong Kong entertainment sector after spending some time as a model. He rose to stardom after playing Takeshi Nakazato in Initial D (2001) and his first part in Leaving Sorrowly (2005). In the promotional films for “glitter” and “fated,” which together make up the Wong Hoi-directed short film Kyoai “Distance Love,” 

He collaborated with Japanese music icon Ayumi Hamasaki in 2007. He has gained enough success and reputation in society, but he kept on knowing people around him. He always seeks career opportunities. Thus he announces to do more work in the industry.

Net worth carrying by Shawn Yue:

Shawn Yue has a diverse work field. He was remarkable in the field of Modelling. Later he was able to outshine in the field of both music and acting. He carries a net worth of about $5 million. This indicates that he has other sources to earn after acting. 

Some of his works, like the second woman, Rule No.1, Distance Love, and many other works, have led to his favorable success. Yue’s estimated net worth as of 2017 is $1 million. Through his work as an actor and singer, he earns a fortune. Along with this, he earns money from sponsors, endorsement deals, and other modeling jobs.

Shawn Yue

Body dimension carried by Shawn Yue:

  • Shawn Yue has carried his career in Modelling. 
  • This marks that he has a physique that is fit and slim. 
  • He has managed to maintain his health all along. 
  • Even at an older age and with two children, he is able to keep his body and health in check. 

Specifications of Shawn Yue:

He attracted a lot of notice and recognition by playing Takeshi Nakazato in the movie “Initial D.” Shawn Yue also appeared in the films “Colour of the Loyalty” and “Dragon Squad” that same year. Yue has been involved in the music business since 2001. He entered the music business with his single “Angel of Mercy.” The Songbird Anthology, Best Media Asia Music, and V-Love OST are among his other singles.

His dedication has been rewarded with several important nominations and awards. His debut performance was for the Rising Star Song at the “2002 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards.”

Physical Appearance:

Height:  178 cm
Weight:  64 Kg
Figure Measurement: Unavailable
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown


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