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Simon Desue

German Youtuber, singer, author, and actor Simon Desue, a comedian who rose to stardom on YouTube with his HalfcastGermany channel now changed to Simon Desue, has one of Germany’s highest subscriber counts. Simon Desue was featured in a popular music video by famous singer Justin Bieber called “Fast Food.” His YouTube channel Simon Desue has crossed 4 million subscribers and 832 thousand views with 700+ videos on the channel.

Simon Desue Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                      $5 Million
Birth Date                          20 August 1991
Age                                   29 years
Birthplace                      Hamburg, Germany
Profession                      Youtuber, Musician, Actor
Subscribers                     4.22 M

Simon Desue Early Life

Simon Desue

Sion was born on 20 august 1991 in the city of Germany Hamburg and he is 29 years old as of 2022. The birth sign of Simon Desue is Leo. The Father of Desue is from Ivory Coast. He resided there for a year just before entering the school at the age of five. He went back to live with his mother in Hamburg when civil war broke out there. In July 2009, Desue launched the HalfcastGermany YouTube channel. He commented on the website SchülerVZ in his first popular video. Desue relocated to Miami from Cologne in June of 2016. He continued to make web videos after that. He moved back to Hamburg in 2017 with his girlfriend, whom he had previously lived with after meeting her in Miami. He immigrated to Dubai at the end of 2019 and is now there.

Simon Desue Career

Simon Desue

The creation of a YouTube channel in 2009 changed the life of Simon and life gave him many opportunities. Desue made cameo appearances in the television shows staff on ProSieben and The School Investigators on RTL in 2011. He contributed to Celebrity Big Brother on Sat.1 in 2013. There he met Natalia Osada, a contestant on a reality show, with whom he later had a brief romance. ZDF and Der Spiegel published articles about him in 2013. Desue has no formal education and relies only on YouTube to support himself. He is a YouTube member of the TubeOne Networks network. He portrayed Helmut in the 2015 motion picture Potato Salad – Don’t ask!

After a lot of hard work and effort, the channel has reached the heights of success and crossed 4 million subscribers. The most viewed video on the channel is “7 Types on the Pool” which has 8 million views as of now. The second most viewed video on the channel with 7 million views is “The BIGGEST FAIL on a Challenge EVER.” Some other notable videos on the channel include “Bath Full of Jello – 6 million views”, “Top 7 YouTube Ohne Makeup | 6 million views”, “Dead girlfriend prank failed”, “Last to say no wins 100,00 $- challenge”, “Justin Bieber kissed Selena Gomez”, “This video will get 4.7 million views one day”, “Lie detector fails with girlfriend”, and “The ultimate slime bath.”

Simon Desue Controversy

At a YouTube event (Gangtour) in 2016, Desue assisted Leon Machère in finding the YouTuber MiiMii, who frequently attacked Leon Machère for his phoney videos, and stole the SD card from his camera. Desue took the SD card out. There were also comments such as, “We would beat you if there were no kids here.” MiiMii made the YouTuber’s behaviour public in a video, and two witnesses and a video might back up his claims. Desue was one of the influencers that advertised fundraising in the middle of 2020 that ended up being a hoax. Influencers were led to believe that the fake organization was a legitimate fundraising group because of its attempts to mimic Team Trees and the Arbor Day Foundation. 10,000 euros were raised through the GoFundMe website with the assistance of the fans. Later, the donation site promised that the contributors would receive the money back that was paid to the fake organization.

Desue posted two videos in 2019 where he claimed to have purchased 10,000 euros on the dark web and then used the fake money to make purchases after receiving a certain amount of likes. As a result, investigators searched his apartment and seized 9,850 euros of the purportedly phoney currency. Desue had to defend herself in court for this in the early 2020s. In the end, the Hamburg public prosecutor demanded acquittal because there was no way to prove that he had committed any intentional crimes. In court, Desue claimed that his entire channel was made up and that his videos were solely meant for pleasure.

Simon Desue Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Simon Desue is 5 million dollars approximately. The daily income of the channel is 60 dollars and 420 dollars weekly. The estimated monthly income of the channel is 2000 dollars, the yearly income of the channel is 32 thousand dollars approximately, and the channel can earn 50 thousand dollars on the higher end.

Simon Desue Height and Weight

Height                         6.0 ft.
Weight                        70 kg
Eye Color                     Dark Brown
Hair Color                    Dark Brown


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