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Snarkymarky Canadian Tiktokers

Snarkymarky is a social media sensation who has earned immense popularity on the platform TikTok which belongs to Canada.  Snarkymarky is most popular due to the comedy and POV TikTok videos due to which he has gained more than 756 million fans following and more than 45 million likes on the TikTok application. Snarkymarky has also gained popularity to some extent on his Instagram account on that platform. He is active on almost all the social media platforms due to his activities but the most important platform that becomes the reason for his success path is the TikTok account due to which Snarkymarky reached success and well-known not only in Canada but also throughout the world.

Snarkymarky Biography and Net Worth:

Date of Birtha fifth of June 2002
Age20 years old
Net worth5 million dollars

Snarkymarky has a comedic and friendly nature due to which he is known as a social media influencer and most of the population follows him, especially those people who feel shy while expressing their talent in from of an audience.

What do you know about the Biography of Snarkymarky?

Snarkymarky opened his eyes in Canada on the fifth of June 2002 and now according to 2022, he is twenty years old young boy. Nick’s name of Snarkymarky is Snarky. He has believed in Christianity by religion.

Snarkymarky uplifts millions of people who feel shy while showcasing their talent in front of an audience. Along with the formation of comedy videos, Snarkymarky is also obsessed to capture the snaps. He has great intentions for his friends and believes in friendship, this is the reason that he spent his most free time along with his friends.

Family background and the marital status of Snarkymarky:

Snarkymarky does not describe about his family and belonging in his any interview or on the platforms of the internet. So, the father and mother’s names of Snarkymarky are not known. However, Snarkymarky revealed that his two brothers help him a lot with the creation of his comedy videos and cause for improvement of his work.

Snarkymarky is a man who believes in friendship and is obsessed to pass his free time along with his friends for more fun and enjoyment. Friends of Snarkymarky also help him in the formation of social media posts.

The marital status of Snarkymarky is single. Also, he does not express any relationship or dating with anyone until now.

What is the Net worth of Snarkymarky?

The total Net worth of Snarkymarky is estimated as one million dollars (1 K) according to the calculations for 2020 and five million dollars (5 K) according to the 2019 year. The net worth of Snarkymarky is increasing significantly which shows about his success in the field of social media.

What do you know about the career of Snarkymarky?

The joining year of Snarkymarky to the Tiktok was 2019. One of the starting videos of Snarkymarky was “anyone else knows where this is from?” which give him a break in his career. He initiates the formation of POV and humorous videos.

In the month of September, Snarkymarky posted the POV videos with the name “#POV-the teacher’s pet finally snaps on the class for being too loud”. This video was watched by the audience more than 1.5 million times (views). The list of the hit and most seen videos are as follows:

  • “#POV-the teacher’s pet finally snaps on the class for being too loud”
  • “yes, I’m bringing this audio back”
  • “Karen- the queen of mood swings and bath and body works”
  • “Like too much”

What is the Lifestyle of Snarkymarky?

The main features of the lifestyle of Snarkymarky are as follows:

  • Snarkymarky does not consume Alcohol.
  • Snarkymarky does not addict to cigarettes.
  • Snarkymarky is a smart and handsome young boy.
  • Snarkymarky is very classy, friendly, and calm.
  • Snarkymarky used to visit a gym on regular bases.
  • Snarkymarky does not date anyone until now.

Favorite things of Snarkymarky:

  • Favorite actor and actress of Snarkymarky: Canadian
  • Favorite singer of Snarkymarky: Justin Bieber
  • Favorite place of Snarkymarky: Canada
  • A favorite food of Snarkymarky: non-vegetarian and pizza

Some less known facts about Snarkymarky:

  • Snarkymarky is a very active guy on the internet, especially on TikTok.
  • Snarkymarky is much more conscious about his health.
  • Snarkymarky is obsessed with dancing.
  • Snarkymarky is habitual to go to the gym.
  • Snarkymarky has no girlfriend until now.

Apparent looks of Snarkymarky:

Snarkymarky contains a height of five feet and seven inches and according to this height, he has a weight of roundabout fifty-six kilogram.

Snarkymarky has brown-shaded hairs with also brown-shaded twinkling eyes.

Height5 feet and 7 inches
Weight56 kg
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorbrown

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