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Abderraouf Derradji is a 32 year old Algerian rapper and singer. He moved to France in 2008. He started his hip hop career under the stage name of MC Sool but changed it to Soolking in 2013.

Soolking Official Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth$17 M
FounderAbderraouf Derradji
FoundedDecember 25, 2016
Subscribers9.43 M
Videos55 videos
Views2.3 B

Soolking Career

Soolking is known for incorporating elements of reggae, soul, hip hop, and Algerian rai in his songs. Sookling joined Algerian rap formation ‘Africa Jungle’ and released two albums with them. In 2016, Soolking started his solo career and he was signed with record label Affranchis Music. He gained some success with his solo tracks ‘Milano’ and ‘Guerilla’. However, it was his track called ‘Dalida’ which became a huge success. His tracks ‘Dalida’ and ‘Guerilla’ were certified Platinum in France. He released his debut solo album called ‘Fruit du demon’ in 2018.

In 2020, he released his album ‘Vintage’. His lead title of the album was ‘Melegim’ which featured Dadju.

Soolking YouTube Channel

Soolking started his YouTube channel by the name of Sookling Officiel on December 25, 2016. Since then he has published 55 videos on his YouTube channel. As Soolking is French-Algerian rapper and hip hop artist, most of his YouTube content is related to his music. Soolking posts official music videos for his songs on his YouTube channel and almost all his videos reach more than 1 million views.

Soolking was featured on a song called ‘Zemer’ with Dhurata Dora the song has a total of 723 million views on YouTube. His other song called ‘Liberte’ has almost 329 million views. While ‘Dalida’ one of his most famous song has 285 million views. Soolking released a song titled ‘Askim’ featuring Reynmen, the song’s official video was released 3 months ago on his YouTube channel and has a total of 29 million views.

Soolking Officiel has a total of 9.43 million YouTube subscribers and almost 2.4 billion views on his 55 YouTube videos.

Soolking Social Media

Soolking also has a massive following on his other social media apps apart from YouTube. He has 8.2 million followers on his Instagram account and 254.1K followers on his twitter. He also has 4.9 million followers on his Facebook page. He is widely popular due to his success as a hip hop artist.


Soolking Net Worth

Estimates state that Soolking has a net worth close to 17 million dollars. However, the exact figure is not publically known. Some estimates even put his net worth close to 24 million dollars. The annual income of Soolking is thought to be 4.5 million dollars.

He also has a monetized YouTube channel, where he earns between 3 to 7 dollars per thousand views he gets on his YouTube channel. Soolking Officiel YouTube channel receives almost 2.4 million views each day. Hence it is estimated that he earns close to 300,000 dollars through YouTube monthly. This monthly estimate doesn’t include his album sales, sponsorships, concerts and other commitments.

Soolking Features

Eye colorDark Brown
Hair colorBlack

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