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Sora Shirai

Sora Shirai is a professional skateboarder from Japan. He skateboards in Kanagawa, Japan. He was 17 years old when he released his full-length professional skateboarding skate part in the Blind Skateboards video called ‘Time Change’.

Sora Shirai Biography and Net Worth

Net worth$ 5M
Full NameSora Shirai
Birth DateNovember 3, 2001
Age20 years
Birthplace Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan
Sora Shirai

Sora Shirai Career

Sora Shirai is ranked 70th in the global ranking for skateboarding at the young age of 20 years. His stance in skateboarding is defined as goofy. Sora Shirai is said to be one of the many excellent rippers coming from Japan. He is known for his impressive street skills. He has top notch skills that can be compared to any seasoned skateboarder. Sora Shirai proved his skills and worth in 2019 by pushing his way from the bottom place at the S.L.S. London Olympics qualifiers to making a position for himself in the finals. He managed to secure a seventh place and it was his first appearance at the Olympics.

He also proved his talent at the Dew Tour Olympic qualifier which took place at the Long Beach. Sora Shirai started in the qualifying around and managed to reach the finals of the competition. Sora Shirai, even at the young age of 20 has the mind and awareness that allows him to switch his strategy at moments notice. His ability to deliver a winning trick at a competition was evident when he shocked the judges and the crowd at the Drew Tour with a 540 kickflip down the eight-star. This trick earned him a second place at the competition. Hence, it is not a surprise that everyone is looking forward to see what Sora Shirai will achieve over the course of his career.

While representing Japan in the skateboarding World Championships which was held in Rome, Sora Shirai managed to win a bronze medal in street competition. In the year 2019, he managed to secure a first place in Damn Am Japan and Skate Ark Japan. He was second in the Dew Tour street category. Sora Shirai also secured a third place at the X Games in Minneapolis. As of 2022, he was placed fifth in the Street League Seattle Men’s Prelims and second in the Street League Jacksonville Men’s Prelims. He earned a first position at the Street Leagues Finals, fifth at the X Games Chiba Men’s Street Qualifiers and third in the X Game Chiba Men’s Street Finals.

Sora Shirai

Sora Shirai Net Worth

Being a famous and successful skateboarder Sora Shirai has been able to secure various high-profile sponsorships over the course of his relatively new career. He is sponsored by Nike SB, Blind, Grizzly, Grip, and also by Murasaki Sports. In addition to this he has made a lot money by winning prize money at various skateboarding competitions. All in all, the estimated net worth of Sora Shirai is said to be close to five million dollars.

Sora Shirai Features

Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack

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