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SypherPK Twitch Streamer biography

Ali Hassan, aka SypherPK, belongs to the United States and comes from a Muslim Family. He was born on the 10th of May, 1996, and is a 26-year-old. 

His parents belong to Pakistan, and he was born in Texas, United States, and has an American nationality. He is a Pro Twitch Streamer, Gamer, Youtuber, and a content creator. Today he is considered one of the top Twitch stars. 

His real name is Ali Hassan, but to his friends, community, and on all social media platforms, he is known as SypherPK. SypherPK has a family of 5, which includes his parents, him, and his two younger brothers.

Moreover, he has spent all of his life in the US and has done his School and higher studies from there. In his recent interviews, or even asked by the fans, he has never revealed much information regarding his family or his initial life. 

But according to the resources, he has been into the games from a very early age.

SypherPK-Biography and Net Worth:

Full Name        Ali Hassan
Birth Date         May 10, 1996
Age                   26 Years Old (In 2022)
Country             Austin, Texas, United States
Profession         Twitch Streamer, Youtuber (Content Creator)
Net Worth          $3 Million


Ali Hassan, aka SypherPK, started his content creation journey at the start of 2011. At that time, he was in High School, and with his studies, he started this as well as a side hustle. SypherPK then joined YouTube and used to upload Runescape, Educational Videos, and the content that could help his audience with several tips and tricks.

He used to make helping videos for beginner-level gamers, as he was a pro gamer. SypherPK has joined Twitch along with YouTube, and he was managing both of his accounts efficiently.

He published lots of streaming videos on Twitch, and usually, he comes alive as well to play and do some chit-chats with his audience. 

Analytically on Twitch, he didn’t have so many results as compared to YouTube because educational videos were liked a lot by the viewers, and he achieved 50,000 subscribers a few times. 

Moreover, in 2013, he also started with The Elder Scrolls Online, and The Elder Scrolls V. SypherPK fans loved the vibe, the content was promoted by the biggest influencers in the industry, and he got a significant boost in his professional career. 

Talking about Twitch, it took time to grow his account over there, but gradually he started receiving a good amount of donations and following. Fast forward to the mid of 2017 is gaming, and in no time, he was considered as a pro gamer. His skills and talent are so well polished that everyone was impressed by his growth, his way of playing, and his techniques.

Who is SypherPK’s Wife?

For now, SypherPK is married to Daniela, with whom he dated for many years before they tied the knot. They both have great chemistry and love each other’s company. The couple used to spend their time playing; Yuna, Aiko, and Aegon.

SypherPK has never hidden his relationship or marriage from his online community; he always has spoken about it directly and does share their beautiful moments on his social media. Also, everyone knows that even being a gamer, he has never streamed on Monday to spend the entire day with his partner, which is beautiful!

Daniela as a partner is very supportive of his career; he manages most of his online presence in his content creation, managing his team, and even his finances. Also, SypherPK has often said that his wife is the only person who keeps his attitude balanced. 

Net worth

Currently, he has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His sources of generating revenue are his Twitch account, where he receives donations from his fans, then his YouTube channel, which has thousands of subscribers and gets millions of views.

SypherPK has Instagram, where big US brands approached him for collaborations and brand endorsements. Sponsorships are the way to make lots of money, and Sypher is doing that!


SypherPK has recently won “Top Gamer Award in 2021”. He has also been nominated multiple times in various awards holding a number of categories.


Talking about stats, Sypher has achieved amazing milestones on YouTube and Twitch. On both Twitch and YouTube, he has over 2 million subscribers and followers. In total, he has 45 million views.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 8” (in feet)/ 172 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Hazel

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