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The Voice Sri Lanka

The Voice Sri Lanka is one of the renowned YouTube network that basically give the chance to the singers to prove their signing talents. The Voice Sri Lanka is based on the reality TV show. This channel has been spread in nearly 180 countries. It is truly based on the reality singing competition and provides the opportunity to thousands of signers to polish themselves and achieve victory in their lives. The Voice Sri Lanka is linked with the franchise of Dutch origin and was produced by familiar John De Mol.

The Voice Sri Lanka Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth       $259K – $1.55M  
ProducerJohn De Mol  
Host  Stephanie Siriwardhana
Country Sri Lanka
Views                  690,228,200 views  
Subscribers1.42 Millions
Video Count              2004
The Voice Sri Lanka

The Voice Sri Lanka Launch

The Voice Sri Lanka, a famous singing competition reality show had started as a voice of Holland in 2010, this series of the voice had initiated in Netherlands. This multinational singing competition associated with Dutch franchise has won the hearts of so many singers who just dreamt of being a good singer but could not find the chance to verify their voice. After witnessing the most widespread TV show many other countries had also copied their format and started airing their own versions.       

About The Voice Sri Lanka

The Voice was created by Dutch television producer John De Mol in Holland and hosted by Stephanie Siriwardhana, many young singers skilled under the command of popular coaches after being selected from the auditions and evaluation on their performances.

The Voice Sri Lanka have few stages included auditions, blind auditions, battle out, knock out and moreover included live performances as well. There are also the age levels in voice in which there are the categories of voice kids, voice teens and voice seniors. Every level trained under the supervision of famous singers and then after the trial rounds they send to the finale round.

 The Voice Sri Lanka Content

 Contestants from all age level of the Voice Sri Lanka get refereed by  the most eminent judges included Jackson Anthony, Soundarie David Rodrigo and Tillakratne Dilshan and after their approval from semi final round they lead to the final round. The first season of Voice Sri Lanka contained 23 episodes in all the episodes contestants have to perform in front of judges started from the auditions.

All the judges press the golden buzzer for the contestant who made remarkable performance and then send it towards the next round. The winner of the show awarded with different prizes such as title ‘the voice of nation, a recording contract and also a monetarist prize till the date all together 438 singers have won over 145 countries.

Voice Sri Lanka Videos

There are many videos which are rated as highly viewed videos from voice SriLanka in which the first was of singer “Dinidu” on the song ‘Humein to loot liya’ from the blind audition of the Voice Teens. The second was singer ‘Oshudu’ on the song “Meka Sonduro”. The third was from singer ‘Dilidu’ on the song ‘Chahun mein ya na’ all of these videos reached 2M views on YouTube.

The Voice Sri Lanka

Net worth of The Voice Sri Lanka

The estimated net worth of the Voice Sri Lanka is approximately $259K – 1.55M. This channel is performing truly well therefore the estimated earning of the Voice Sri Lanka in last seven days is $1.70K from YouTube channel and in last 30 days the estimated earning of this The Voice Sri Lanka is $3.95K so according to these estimations The Voice Sri Lanka has earned $50.4K from last 90 days from YouTube channel.

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