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Tibo InShape

Tibo Inshape is a fitness channel that was founded by French bodybuilder Thibaud Delapart. His content was majorly about fitness and health but he later diversified it and his channel now publishes videos where he gives career advice to his subscribers.

Tibo InShape  Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$5.6 M
FounderThibaud Delapart
FoundedAugust 15, 2008
Subscribers8.69 M
Videos996 videos
Views3.1 B

Tibo InShape YouTube Channel

Thilaud Delapart was a student at the Toulouse Business School when he started posting videos about bodybuilding on a YouTube channel by the name of Tibo InShape. While the channel had a steady start, Delapart switch his style and started adding more of his sense of humour in the fitness videos. This new approach was a massive hit with audiences and that helped him gain his footing in the social media industry. After gaining millions of subscribers on his channel, the social media turned Delapart into a sports star. Some of his YouTube video openings including ‘Daaaamn!’ and ‘enorme et sec’ (huge and ripped) are very famous YouTube related expressions.

Tibo InShape  

 At the beginning of his YouTube journey, he made videos in his room and was sometimes accompanied by his friend. Now he films his videos in various settings and he has also collaborated with various personalities including Christophe Lemaitre, Maiva Hamadouche and Esteban Ocon. In 2016, he was nominated by Liberation magazine as one of the ten most influential French accounts. In the year 2017, he was named YouTuber of the Year by Quotidein. And in that same year almost all his videos were receiving a million views. Delapart also started his own clothing line after gaining massive followers on his social media platforms. Apart from his clothing line he also has his own supplements and nutrition line called In shape nutrition.

Delapart stopped making bodybuilding videos and discussed about finding a different lifestyle and he also started making videos where he talked about lesser known jobs and occupations. In 2019, he published a whole video discussing the occupation of embalming. This video was a topic of debate among his subscribers.

Tibo InShape YouTube Videos

With a total of 8.69 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Delapart has received a total of 3.1 billion views on his 996 videos. His most watched video has a total of 22 million views and the video is titled ‘JE GAGNE MA COMPETITION DE FITNESS’ (Winning a fitness competition). His second most watched video has 21 million views and it is titled ‘LE SPORT LE PLUS EXTREME’.

Tibo InShape Social Media

Delapart also has massive following on other social media platforms. He has a total of 1.2 million followers on his twitter account and 4.9 million followers on his Instagram account. He has 8.5 million followers on tiktok with 423 million likes.

Tibo InShape

Tibo InShape Net worth

Delapart has an estimated net worth of 5.6 million dollars that can be attributed to his success as social media influencer and YouTuber. Apart from social media, he also has his own clothing and supplements line which is also a source of income for him.

Tibo InShape Features

Weight 75kg
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair colorBlack

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