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Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane is well-known cartoonist and comic book creator. The 61-year-old Canadian artist, writer, film maker, and producer, is known for his famous work on The Amazing Spider-Man.

Todd McFarlane Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                       $300 million
Full Name                        Todd McFarlane
Birth Date                        March 16, 1961
Age                                   61 years
Birthplace                      Calgary, Canada
Profession                      Comic book creator, Producer
Spouse                            Wanda McFarlane
Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane Early Life and Career

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Todd McFarlane grew up moving from one city to another. He started developing an interest in drawing at a young age and later he discovered his love for comic books. McFarlane was talented and creative with his work; he was able to create the beloved character of Spawn when he was just 16 years old. He was able to secure baseball scholarship in Eastern Washington University and he also studied graphics and arts there. After suffering an ankle injury which ended his career as a baseball player, McFarlane started focusing on his career as an artist. In 1984, he earned his graduation degree.

After struggling and pursuing a career in comic book industry relentlessly without any luck, McFarlane landed his first comic book job in 1984. He was offered to write a backup story in Coyote. Following that, he started working for comic books giants Marvel and DC. He worked on DC’s Infinity, Inc., Batman: Year Two, and Marvel’s Incredible Hulk.

Todd McFarlane Success

After joining David Michelinie in 1988 to work on Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man, McFarlane’s work was appreciated for the dynamic poses, the aerial shots, and the minute details he drew in the comics. Most impressive detail was the elaborate design he gave to Spider-Man’s webbing. His webbing style became known as the ‘spaghetti webbing’. McFarlane was also the first artist to draw the complete character of Marvel’s villain Eddie Brock, who was an incarnation of famed character ‘Venom’. His work on these comic books gave him the fame he deserved and helped set his career on the right path.

McFarlane released his Spawn comics with publishing company Image Comics. The comics have been adapted into films, TV series, and video games in the Image Universe. The first comic book edition of Spawn was released in May of 1992.

Todd McFarlane Production

McFarlane has worked on production of various spin-offs and mini-series for his comic book ‘Spawn’. He also developed Todd Toys company to release the merchandise for Spawn. His toys company was the fifth largest action figure manufacturer in US in 2017. He has also produced album arts for various artists and in 1988 he founded his Entertainment and production company Todd McFarlane Entertainment. The company is a film and animation studio and since its inception the company has been involved in production of various shows and films.

Todd McFarlane Honors

  • 1992 – National Cartoonist Award
  • 1992 – Inkpot Award
  • 2000 – Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video
Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane Net Worth

With a successful run as a comic book artist, toy manufacturer and producer, McFarlane has been able to amass a massive net worth of 300 million dollars. Working with various artists and comic book giants he has been able to make a name for himself through his talent and hard work.

Todd McFarlane Height and Weight

Height                       5’6”
Weight                     70 kg
Eye Color                 Light Brown
Hair Color                Brown

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