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Triggered Insaan

Nischay Malhan, also known online as Triggered Insaan, is an Indian YouTuber and GTA and Minecraft live-streamer from New Delhi who is well-known for his commentary, roasts, rants, and reaction videos on his channel that frequently focus on Bollywood and Indian media as well as social media influencers. The comedy channel “Triggered Insaanhas 16.6 million subscribers and 2.6 billion views as of now.

Triggered Insaan Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth               $14.02 M
Full Name                Nischay Malhan
Birth Date                14 November 1995
Age                           26 years
Birthplace              Rohini, Delhi, India
Profession              YouTuber
Subscribers            16.6 M
Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insaan Early Life

Nischay Malhan was born on November 14, 1995, in Delhi’s Rohini neighborhood. Born in a wealthy family Nischay enjoyed a happy childhood. He had everything he wants and he has always enjoyed playing games. In the past, he was a bright student who consistently placed third or second in his standard (except in the seventh standard, where he took first place). He grew so obsessive after graduating from the tenth grade due to a lack of physical work that he fell into total despair for the next two years (eleventh and twelfth standard). He attributes his roommate’s assistance in getting him out of his acute depression in the dorm during his time in college.

Nischay Milan, a YouTube channel on the coding community, was launched in 2013, however it was infrequently updated. Considering his desire to work as a web developer, his 7.63 CGP engineering grade, and the fact that he received a strong job offer from the college itself. After earning his engineering degree, he started working at a company, but he did not like his manager since he teased him for watching YouTube videos of other people while he ate lunch. His boss let him go after three months at his first job.

Triggered Insaan Career

He used to do late-night videos while working his second job, and after he had about 100k subscribers, he quit and started working exclusively on YouTube. After that, he kept uploading videos to YouTube, and over time, he established himself as a popular and successful YouTuber. As Nischay continued to post videos, Ram Rahim Insan found himself in a controversy. Nischay roasted Ram and this video of him became viral. After that, he also received excellent praise. They soon began to receive favorable comments on YouTube.

The most crucial aspect of Nischay Malhan is that he avoids using any form of abuse in his roasted content. Additionally, you can view their videos while spending time with your family. Moreover, after watching their success, his mother, younger brother, and sister also launched a YouTube channel, which is also doing well and since they are all YouTubers, it would be appropriate to refer to their family as one. Additionally, he uploads game videos like GTA, Minecraft, and Getting over it to his Live Insaan gaming channel. He is credited with spreading the phrase “Oh Bhai… Maaro Mujhe Maaro.

He first gave his channel the name Yes-Yes-Bhai before settling on the name Triggered Insaan. This is due to the clear English translation of his name, Nischay. He gave it the name it’s Nischay after that. In Hindi, his name is pronounced “Nishchay,” but the priest who gave him that name claimed that two h’s in his name would be strange and altered it to one h. Therefore, he changed it to Triggered Insaan because he worried that people would not be able to pronounce it correctly.

Triggered Insaan Family

Vinay Malhan, his father, runs a successful business in Delhi. Dimple Malhan, a YouTuber, is Nischay Malhan’s mother. Prerna Malhan, his older sister, also has a YouTube channel called Wanderer’s Hub. A younger brother of his named Abhishek Malhan also owns the networks Fukra Insaan and Fukra insaan Live.

Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insaan Collaboration

On April 26, 2020, Triggered Insaan and Mythpat initially worked together while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 online and performing fictitious objectives. Since the show was popular, there were two more episodes—episodes 3 and 4. On June 14, 2020, Mythpat posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “PHOTOSHOPPING INDIAN YOUTUBERS,” in which he altered the features of several Indian YouTube stars, among them Nischay. Mythpat showed Nischay the pineapple image he had sketched on his face and gave him the thumbs up. Mythpat’s pet Llama inexplicably disappeared later in the video game Minecraft. The llama was proven to have been “kidnapped” by Nischay in it, and this resulted in the creation of a brand-new series.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Triggered Insaan is $14.02 million. The $14.02 million forecast is solely predicated on YouTube ad revenue. Therefore, Triggered Insaan’s net worth might be far higher. Somes put Triggered Insaan’s net worth closer to $19.63 million when taking additional money sources for an influencer into account.

Triggered Insaan Height & Weight

Height            5’9
Weight           68 kg
Hair color           Black
Eye color           Hazel

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