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Urban Gabru

The Gabru Life previously known as Urban Gabru men’s Lifestyle is a Men’ lifestyle and grooming channel from India. The channel specializes in Personality tips, Lifestyle, and all other men fashion related content. India’s popular lifestyle channel has 1.3 million subscribers and 97 million views as of now.

Urban Gabru Biography and Net worth

Net Worth                     $100 thousand
Created                           17 October 2016
Founders                        Lakshay Thakur, Apaar Sharma
Country                          India
Subscribers                    1.3 M
Views                              97 Million
Videos                            532

The Gabru Life Creator-Lakshay Thakur

Urban Gabru

Lakshay Thakur is a famous fashion model and blogger. Lakshay was born in 1997 and he is 25 years old as of 2022. He has completed his graduation and shifted his interest in the fashion field rather than moving to another profession. Lakshay has 50 thousand plus followers on Instagram and he has his own YouTube channel. He uploads product reviews, fashion tips, styling videos, and many other men’s fashion content on his Instagram and YouTube channels.

The Gabru Life Creator-Apaar Sharma

Apaar Sharma, creator of the popular fashion YouTube channel The Gabru Life is also a fashion and lifestyle influencer popular on social media. He was born on 1997 in Delhi, India and he is 25 years old now. He along with his childhood friend Lakshay started a fashion blog and later shifted to YouTube. On his Instagram account, he posts different fashion-related content and 20 thousand people follow him. Apaar has collaborated with many renowned brands and people admire his sense of fashion. 

The Gabru Life History

Urban Gabru

Lakshay and Apaar Sharma are childhood friends they were always interested in fashion and grooming themselves. During their college life, they started a blog to share their fashion tips with others. People started appreciating them and asked them to start something big and consider this their field. At first, they hesitated but later on, they started a YouTube channel to fulfil their dreams.

The Gabru Life YouTube Channel

They started their YouTube channel in October 2016 to pursue fashion as a career. In the start, they have fashion tips and product reviews but after some time popular Men’s Brand Urban Gabru approached them. Urban Gabru wanted them to appear as their face and that was the turning point of their career. They were part of Urban Gabru as their face for many years. The Gabru life has the best men’s fashion, grooming, dating, and, personality development tips, which will help, grow and live a better successful life.

After working 5 years with Urban Gabru, their ties ended with them in 2022 when they uploaded a video regarding their new start. They changed the name of their channel from Urban Gabru Men’s Lifestyle to The Gabru Life. Brand stopped supporting them because their channel was not working well due to many personal issues and conflicts between Lakshay and Apaar. They explained in the video that lack of support from friends and brand demotivated them and their channel was gone through a downfall but now they will come with a new style and new name. Now the channel is performing better and getting enough views. The Gabru Life has 1.3 million subscribers and 97 million views as of 2022 and it is now getting better and better.

The Gabru Life Videos

The first video on the channel was “How To Be Stylish for Indian Urban Men | Urban Gabru | Teaser” which has 47 thousand views as of now. Their third video “Best Hairstyles for Men| India| High volume Quiffcrossed 1 million views for the first time. The most viewed video on The Gabru Life is “HOW TO DRESS UP FOR A WEDDING | IMPRESS any WOMAN at INDIAN Wedding Urban Gabru” which has 4.5 million views as of now. Some other popular videos of The Gabru Life are “3 SIMPLE HAIRSTYLES jo SCHOOL mein ALLOWED hai! Best hairstyles for school boys in India”, “How to Become Fair | Skin care routine for men | Indian Skin urban Gabru”, “How to remove blackheads in 5 minutes | Peel off the mask”, and Low Fade haircut for men urban Gabru.”

The Gabru Life Net Worth

The estimated net worth of The Gabru Life is reported as $100 thousand. However, we only consider one revenue source in our estimation so the actual net worth of Gabru Life may exceed $100 thousand. Gabru life’s net worth might reach $150 thousand if we take into account all of their sources of income.

“The Gabru Life” reportedly makes 13 thousand dollars annually. The channel receives more than 100 thousand views each day and 2 million views every month. These calculations allow us to determine that “the Gabru Life” earns 2 thousand dollars each month or 13000 dollars annually. However, 13000 dollars a year may be a modest estimate. A year’s worth of ad revenue might reach 20 thousand dollars if “the Gabru Life” makes more than average.


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