Victoria Song宋茜 Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Victoria Song宋茜

Victoria’s original name is Song Qian. She was born in China Qingdao on 2nd February 1987. She professionally is a dancer and a singer. She has done many modeling jobs and became a host of several shows. In our further guide, we will explore the net worth and personality type. 

Victoria Song宋茜 Biography and Net Worth

Full Name Song Qian
Birth Date2nd February 1987
BirthplaceQingdao, China
ProfessionSinger, Dancer, Actress, Host
HusbandNot married
Net Worth$12 Million 

What is the personality of Victoria Song宋茜? 

Victoria Song宋茜

Suppose the personality of Victoria Song is looked at in focus. We can see that she, as an individual is a caring person with the traits of optimistic nature. She often indulges people and shows affection and enthusiasm towards the fans and others. 

She is also described as a talkative person among her friends. Whenever she attends a party or a social event, she takes over the spotlight with her extroverted nature. She can concentrate on the good parts while working. Her dedication to work has led her to the success she enjoys now. 

Initial education of Victoria Song宋茜:

Victoria Song enrolled for initial education in her hometown. Whereas right after her fundamental education, she decided to become a part of the dancing academy. This time around, she joined the Beijing Dance Academy to study the traditions of Chinese culture in depth. 

After her high school was completed, the subject she chose to graduate in was Chinese Ethnic Dance. This, later on, served as a great help in her career. She quickly joined SM Entertainment and trained with them between 2007 and 2008 before making her South Korean television debut.

Family belonging of Victoria Song宋茜:

The song is the family name passed on to Victoria Song. Victoria is the only child in her family. She is making it a family of three. Her roots are attached to Qingdao. In the city in China where she was born, there is not much information revealed about her family life. 

It is observed that Victoria prefers to keep it a private matter. Hence, she does not mention her family much in the interviews.

Awards won by Victoria Song宋茜:

The career life of Victoria Song is quite commendable. She has made solid performances. The long list of awards that Victoria has marked her way through are best new Actresses, Popularity Award, Person of the Year and Trendy figure, etc.

Her finest work includes Love under the Moon, Beautiful Secret When Love walked in, and We got married. These projects are the source of her successful career now. She has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to her job. 

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Victoria Song宋茜: 

Although she avails several awards and career success in her life, she prefers to work harder every day. Victoria Song, in her career life, has been able to make notable appearances. She has been nominated as the 14th,42nd, and 74th celebrity of China, per Forbes recently. Some singles in the music industry by Victoria Song are “Roots on Fire,” released in 2018, and “Up to me” in 2020. 

Net worth carrying by Victoria Song宋茜:

Since her debut in 2009, when Victoria Song starred in “We Got Married,” her career growth has been prominent. The remarkable work in the music and film industry field done by Victoria Song has enabled her to be of $12 million net worth as per the latest research.

Body dimension carried by Victoria Song宋茜:

Victoria Song has a slim body type. Along with that, she has a height of about 168 cm. Her weight is about 51-53 Kg. She is considered to have an ideal body shape. She wears a shoe size of 6. There is not much information regarding plastic surgeries or implants. It is assumed that all of the appearances are natural.  

Specifications of Victoria Song宋茜:

Victoria Song is known to be adaptable to change. 

  • Times. She is known to have a lovely Fashion sense. Younger generations tend to connect better with her. She also made an appearance in the Samsung music video with Rain, a K-pop artist. 
  • Her other works include writing a book related to her trips around Macau and Hong Kong.
  •  The book covers many important aspects of her journey and how she perceives things. Apart from her career in the Music industry, Victoria is known to be an ardent philanthropist.
  •  She is a mentor for ‘The Next Top Bang’ women’s squad. 

Physical Appearance:

Height:  1.67 m
Weight:  51 kg
Body Type: Slim
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black


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