Viva La Dirt League Biography, Net Worth, and More

Viva La Dirt League

The sketch comedy group VLDL, officially known as “Viva La Dirt League,” is based in New Zealand and posts online videos about video games and popular culture. The members of Viva La Dirt League are three friends who discovered they have a similar love for both gaming and filmmaking. To build what Viva La Dirt League is now, they integrated them.. They have put a lot of effort into building a sizable fan base, with over 3.85 million subscribers and over 1 billion views as of June 2022. Over 19 million people have viewed their second YouTube channel, which has 266 thousand subscribers.

Viva La Dirt League Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth          $3.2
Founded             21 August 2011
Founders            Rowan, Alan, Adam
Country               New Zealand
Subscribers        3.85 Million
Views                  1 Billion
Viva La Dirt League

Viva La Dirt League Founders

Rowan Bettjeman, Alan Morrison, and Adam King are the founding members, although their productions have also included additional regular cast members including Britt Scott Clark, Ben Van Lier, and Ellie Harwood. Rowan and Alan met while filming a scene in which Rowan had to assassinate Alan while Alan was portraying a German soldier. They got to know Adam through their shared work on movies and advertisements in 2015. Rowan is married and has a black rescue greyhound named Baelin who they adopted in the early 2020s. Baelin also has their own Instagram account.Starcraft has a ranking system with levels like bronze, silver, and gold, however they felt their skill level was below bronze so they added their own level called “Dirt League.” However, as the term “Dirt League” was already in use, “Viva La Dirt League” was created instead.

Viva La Dirt League Career

A Starcraft 2 parody music video named “Eight Pool,” based on the song “All Rise” by Blue, was the first video uploaded by VLDL on YouTube. On the Starcraft subreddit, it swiftly amassed tens of thousands of views after going viral. They made the decision to continue in this approach and produce more Starcraft parody videos.

As the demand for parody music videos started to decrease, the team (Alan and Rowan) made the decision to pivot and create a different kind of film in late 2013. The Bored series began when Alan had the concept for a show based on their experiences working in retail. The second video was released on December 16, 2013, and after the success of the first episode, it soon amassed half a million views on Reddit, giving them their first taste of being a viral hit. Excited by their accomplishment, they kept releasing Bored films over the following two years while continuing to hold down full-time positions at other employment.

Adam’s arrival in late 2015 gave the crew a boost of new energy and provided them with someone else to bounce ideas off of. He was initially employed as an external script assistance on “Rekt”. They decided to create a new music video, “Legacy,” which was released on November 9, 2015, because he loved the parody music videos and played the Starcraft video game.

They also shot their first Hearthstone video at the same time, which was made public on December 1st, 2015. Because of how well the video was received, they made the decision to change course and concentrate more on skits than music videos. They created their Patreon page in November 2016. This enables supporters to directly fund VIVA, and the revenue from Patreon allowed Rowan to start working full time on VLDL before being followed by Alan and Adam.

Viva La Dirt League

Viva La Dirt League Epic NPC Man

In their shared ideas drive, Alan had penned a single sentence that served as the inspiration for Epic NPC Man:  an NPC who is aware that he is a part of a video game. Three to four months later, Adam came across this line and was immediately moved. He quickly wrote seven or eight scripts, which eventually constituted the first season of Epic NPC Man (plus a few other episodes). The Viva La Dirt League as we know it now began on May 30, 2016, with the publication of the first Epic NPC Man video.

Viva La Dirt League PUBG

All the players were quite enthusiastic about PubG when it first released. The early game releases had a lot of bugs, which provided Viva with many ideas for sketches. On June 14, 2017, the first PubG episode was made available.

The PubG skits brought them a completely new audience, which then discovered their other series, like Epic NPC Man, and their subscriber base is still expanding! On YouTube, they reached 500K followers on July 25th, 2018.

Viva La Dirt League Net Worth

The estimated  net worth of VLDL is 3.23 million dollars. This estimation is based kn advertising revenue only it could  be more than $4.5 million. It is anticipated that Viva La Dirt League makes $806.75 thousand annually. The daily views on the Viva La Dirt League YouTube channel are above 448,2 thousand. According to our calculations, Viva La Dirt League generates $53.78 thousand each month, or $806.75 thousand year. Viva La Dirt League might earn up to $1.45 million annually, on the top end.


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