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Younes Zarou
Younes Zarou / TikTok

Younes Zarou is known as a popular social media identity and also a TikTok sensation. He is a resident of Frankfurt, Germany. Younes Zarou is popular due to the wide popularity of social media sites. He owned 563 Fans followed by Younes on TikTok; 30.8 million fans followed by the people, and likes of around about 602.2 million. He formulates illusion and tutorial videos on the TikTok account. In this article, we will put a deep light on all the required facts and information about the Younes Zarou that you want.

Younes Zarou Biography and Net Worth:

Net worth 30.8 million
Name Younes Zarou
Age 24 years old
Birth Place Frankfurt, Germany
Gender Male
Younes Zarou Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth | Famous  TikTok Star & YouTuber - The Daily Biography

Biography or Wiki about Younes Zarou:

Younes Zarou took birth on the 26th of January in 1998. According to 2022, now he is 24 years old age. He owned a huge number of fans following Tiktok more than 30.8 million. Younes belongs to and is a resident of Frankfurt, Germany. He is an actor, Social media sensation, Singer, and TikTok superstar. Instead of TikTok, he is also known for his Instagram account fame is more than 1.9 million fans following. Younes Zarou belongs to a Christianity family.

Professions of the Younes Zarou:

Younes Zarou is a talented personality since his childhood. This is the reason that now at a little age; he is professionally a well-settled icon. Professionally he is an actor, Social media sensation, TikTok superstar, and Singer.

Part time hobbies of Younes Zarou:

Along with his professions, Younes Zarou is also fond of:

  • Experimentation on different topics
  • Traveling to distant places
  • Modeling for brands

The bodily appearance of Younes Zarou:

  1. Younes Zarou is almost five feet and eleven inches in height. (According to meters; 1.9 meters, According to Centimeters; 190 cm).
  2. Younes Zarou has weight of 75 kilogram. (According to pounds; 165 pounds).
  3. He contains black eyes and hair pigmentation.

Favorite identities of Younes Zarou:

Favorite Diet: Polenta pizza and cheese is the favorite diets of Younes Zarou.

Favorite Musician: Beyonce is revealed as his favorite singer.

Favorite actor or actress: His favorite actress is Salma Hayek.

Favorite Color: Favorite color of Younes Zarou is Blue.

Professional career of Younes Zarou:

In 2020, he revealed himself as a great attention seeker. He is known for his amusement and the magician character among the people. He has the power to amuse the people in from of his stage for almost one month without any interruption. No matter the crowd may be of a huge number. The main feature of his work is that he does not only creator and uploading for creative videos but he also creates the tale-film or documentaries on the other hit and well-known movies in the industry. Due to his unique features and characteristics, he got more than 100 million views on Social media. Younes Zarou is the only photographer of TikTok who is verified and gain more than 30 million fans following.

What do you know about the Net worth of Younes Zarou?

Currently, the Net Worth of the Younes Zarou is described as the four million dollars him. His partnerships with other brands and the deals for different coordination are also included in this Net worth.

Few less familiar information about Younes Zarou:

  1. Younes Zarou contains the German Nationality because he was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
  2. Younes Zarou has black eyes and short black hair in his appearance.
  3. He is married now and has a baby girl.
  4. He achieves the almost 25 million fans following at the account of TikTok. Now he gains 438 million views on his videos until now.
  5. The Net worth of Younes Zarou is now 4 million estimated that including the other dealings and the ventures of brands.
  6. He is a young superstar and gain popularity on Instagram in the form of 1.1 million fans following.
  7. He has learned all the skills about the editing of videos that he uploaded on TikTok accounts and also the skills of photography.
  8. He has also another TikTok account at which he posted his daily routine and the funny TikTok videos.
  9. He is also the manufacturer of illusion and magician videos.
  10. He believes in friendship and likes to spend his acute time with his friends.

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