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Adam Buckley, also known by the nickname ADoseofBuckley or simply Buckley is a multi-award-winning Canadian comedian who primarily posts on YouTube. His material includes rants about songs or musical artists, his opinions on hot-button news stories, and the exposure of questionable decisions made by public figures. He is recognized for his varied sense of humor, which he uses to make hilarious videos in a unique genre. Buckley has 550k subscribers and 196 million views on his YouTube channel.

ADoseofBuckley Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                  $120k
Full Name                  Adam Buckley
Birth Date                  September 4, 1981
Age                              40 years
Birth Place                 Ontario, Canada
Profession                 YouTube Star, Comedian

ADoseofBuckley Early Life

On September 4, 1981, Adam Buckley was born in London, Ontario, Canada. He earned a degree in computer programming from college in 2001. He obtained employment as a radio host sometime in the middle or late 2000s. Angry Buckley launched his website,, in 2009. Adam Buckley has frequently highlighted his job in radio in his videos. He received praise from the radio industry and was promoted to Program Director of his station sometime between February and November after making the video “How NOT to Get a Job in Radio.”


ADoseofBuckley Career

Adam Buckley launched ADoseofBuckley as a website in late 2009. Adam Buckley created his own channel on YouTube in December 2009 despite not referring to himself as a YouTuber because his website received little traffic. As Buckley has repeatedly emphasized, he is a comedian who “uses YouTube as a tool to produce content,” not a YouTuber. His 2010 entry in the “Worst Songs of 20xx” video series has already received over three million views. After being so well-known, Buckley began to express his opinions on new subjects, develop new segments, and employ fresh approaches. He creates mock advertising as well.

Every April 1, Buckley creates a parody video hosted by a different identity (A Dose of Becky, Jason J’opinions, How It’s Created, or Brogan Lolz), with the exception of 2016, when a collaboration with I Hate Everything was revealed in a video about collaboration videos. Additionally, he has begun a new part called “Buckley’s Tweeting Rainbow,” in which he parodies the tweets of current rap and hip-hop acts.

In July 2018, Buckley declared he was taking a break due to fatigue and would only come back to film his video of the worst songs of the previous year if he couldn’t think of a worthwhile topic to talk about. After Universal blocked his “Ten Worst Songs of 2018” video via YouTube’s Content ID system in August 2019, Buckley subsequently said on Twitter that he would no longer create any music-related content; however, that assertion has since been denied.

With the opening of his Patreon page in January 2020, Buckley stated his intention to resume weekly content releases. In addition, he would start putting out music-related content again; his first video after his comeback was a Musical Autopsy of Justin Bieber’s “Yummy.”

ADoseofBuckley-Baseball Team

After someone saw his first video on the club, the “London Rippers,” the baseball team in his town, hired Buckley in the summer of 2012. He worked as a public address announcer. The squad disbanded after just two seasons because of a lack of fan support and a number of other causes. In the video for “The London Rippers Fold,” Buckley lamented the loss of his summer job, but he seemed more irritated with the locals who thought the moniker was offensive.

ADoseofBuckley Girlfriend

Adam Buckley is not married yet but his dating history and girlfriend details are not available as he keeps his personal life away from the limelight.

ADoseofBuckley Net Worth

The estimated net worth of ADoseofBuckley is $120.37k. Although the public does not know ADoseofBuckley precise net worth, we estimate it to be around $120.37k.

However, that estimate only considers one source of income. It is possible that ADoseofBuckley has a bigger net worth than $120.37k. When all of their sources of income are taken into account, ADoseofBuckley’s net worth might reach $168.52k.

ADoseofBuckley reportedly makes $30.09k per year. The channel of ADoseofBuckley receives 501.54 thousand monthly views or roughly 16.72 thousand views each day. For every thousand views of a video, a channel that uses adverts to monetize it makes money and for every thousand video views, YouTube channels typically make $3-$7. These calculations allow us to determine that ADoseofBuckley earns $2.01 thousand each month, or $30.09 thousand annually.

However, $30.09k per year may be a conservative estimate. If ADoseofBuckley makes more money than average, advertising revenue might reach $54.17 thousand per year. YouTubers also rarely rely just on one source of income; they may promote their own goods, take on sponsorships, or earn money via affiliate commissions.


ADoseofBuckley Achievements

In 2013, 2014, and 2015, Buckley won a London award for Media Person of the Year and Artist of the Year. “Tales from the Carnival,” his 2020 Bandcamp album, debuted at the top of the comedy albums chart.

ADoseofBuckley Height and Weight

Height5’ 6”
Weight70 kg
Eye ColourHazel/Brown
Hair ColourBrown/Blonde


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