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Angela Yeung Wing, born on 28 February 1989, also known as Angelababy, is a popular Chinese model, actress, and singer. She got married to her husband, Huang Xiaoming. Having started her career in 2007 has managed to bag $50 million. She has released multiple singles. She has also won dozens of prestigious awards for her acting and modeling. 

Angelababy Biography and Net Worth

Full NameAngela Yeung Wing
Birth Date28 February 1989
BirthplaceShanghai, China
ProfessionModel, Actress, Singer
HusbandHuang Xiaoming
Net Worth$50 million

What is the personality of Angelababy? 

Angelababy is a very extroverted, observant, and prospecting personality. She has a very vibrant personality also can be seen through her acting in various genres of movies. Angelababy loves being a passionate entertainer, and that’s why she started her modeling career at the age of 14 in Hong Kong. 

She also loves luxury and extravagant events such as her wedding. She spent $31 million. She also loves traveling around the world. Besides entertainment, Angelababy is an intelligent businesswoman who has invested in several successful businesses. 

Initial education of Angelababy:

Angelababy was born to a Shanghainese mother and a German Chinese father who was a fashion designer. Having roots in the fashion industry, she developed a passion for fashion at a very young age. She would love to go to her father’s store and try new outfits. Angela moved to Hong Kong at the age of 13 with her family. 

At the age of 14, her friend sent her pictures to a fashion agency, and to her surprise, she got signed by an organization known as “Style International Management.” Angela got her degree from Notre Dame College in Hong Kong. 

Family belonging of Angelababy:

Angelababy was on 28 February 1989, in Shanghai, China. Her family consisted of her Shanghainese mother, Her German Chinese father, and a younger brother. Her father was a fashion designer and owned a store in Shanghai. Her father, already involved in the fashion business, would support her dream of modeling. At the age of 14, trying to come up with her stage name, she combined her first name, “angela,” and “baby,” which was a nickname given to her by her parents. Angela moved to Hong Kong with her parents in 2002. 

She got married in May 2015. She was dubbed Kim Kardashian of China for her luxury wedding, costing over $31 million as compared to Kim Kardashian’s $12 million wedding. On 17 January 2017, Angelababy gave birth to a beautiful Babyboy. Angelababy is living her best life with her loving husband and her baby.

Awards won by Angelababy:

Angelababy started as a model, and in 2012, She won “The Fashion Power Awards” for being a “Trendy Public Figure.” She was also at “the 1st China’s Film Festival in London” and got nominated for “Best Actress.” 

The success never stopped for Angelababy. From 2016 till now, she won tons of awards on various platforms for being the best, all-rounded, most charismatic, best lead role, and most popular actress of the year. She was ranked 8th on “Forbes China Celebrity 100” in 2017 a holds 16th position as of now. 

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Angelababy: 

Angela started her career early. Just 14 years old, she was signed as a model for a company. After that, she would get different roles in movies as a supporting cast. She was spotted in “Trivial Matters,” a comedy film where she performed the role of “Taya.” In 2007, Angelababy made her big screen debut by being cast as the protagonist of the film called “Love You You.” After that, Angelababy also started her career as a singer. Her first single was called “Beauty survivor,” which she released in 2010. 

Angelababy also is a philanthropist. She donated $2.6 million to charity programs and supported many young entrepreneurs. 


Net Worth carrying by Angelababy:

Angelababy started as a model in 2002 and worked her way to become a top-tier actor and a super Idol. 

Angelababy is a successful and smart businesswoman too. She has ventured into multiple high-profile businesses which are now worth millions. She launched a nail parlor and café as well as her drink brand named “HeyJuice.” She also owns venture capital in the e-commerce site Ymatou. As of now, Angelababy is worth more than $150 million. 

Body dimensions carried by Angelababy:

  • Angelababy, a renowned Chinese model and actor, maintains a slender figure. 
  • She once won a food eating contest among her cast members at a variety show known as “Keep Running.” 
  • It reveals that the model eats whatever she wants and still manages to remain fit. 
  • She weighs 46 kg, and her height is 5ft 4”.

Specifications of Angelababy:

Angelababy is of mixed race as her father was half Chinese and half German, and her mother was from shanghai. Her eyes and hairs are both dark brown. She also can speak multiple languages such as Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and Japanese. She is married to a Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and has a kid. She has a great love life and has an excellent bond with her kid. She has worked hard and is an excellent performer. 

Physical Appearance:

Height: 163 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Figure Measurement: 31-22-34 
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dark brown

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