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Arteezy is a famous and young proficient Twitch Streamer and a millionaire. He is a Cancer by Zodiac sign and was born on the 1st of July, 1996. He is 26 years old and celebrated his birthday just a few days ago.

He was born in Uzbekistan, but he moved to Canada with his family at a very young age. So we can say that Artour Babaev, aka Arteezy, holds two nationalities. 

His real name is Artour Babaev, which is his birthplace-related name. Coming from a small city in Uzbekistan named Tashkent, it’s tough to learn and grow as an influencer or a star in such a vast industry.

He made sure from the beginning to achieve something form beyond his limits. Moreover, he is best known for playing Dota and has set some massive targets in this game. Arteezy started playing Dota at a very young age. Through Youtube, including watching Twitch streams, he adopted all the techniques to have command of this game, and now people are approaching him to teach them how to play like a professional.

Before moving to Canada, he played enough in his hometown and achieved the maximum and extreme matchmaking leaderboards ratings in e-sport matches that were held publicly.

Apart from this, Arteezy has been an exceptional student; he is very adaptive and quickly learns new things joyfully. He was that kid whom his parents and teachers loved the most. 

Arteezy has completed his degree and took his family to his convocation ceremony a few times ago that took place in Canada.

Arteezy Biography and Net Worth

Full Name        Artour Babaev
Birth Date        July 1, 1996
Age                    26 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace         Uzbekistan
Profession         Twitch Streamer, Youtuber (Content Creator)
Net Worth         $2 Million


Arteezy has never shared his family life openly apart from where he lived and how he lived; according to him, his parents, including his entire family, are highly supportive and very loving. They raised him well from childhood but never forgot to spoil him with Consoles and video games that were his favorite.

His father was the reason behind the interest Arteezy had in video games and e-sports.

Any information about his parent’s career and personal life is unavailable, and Arteezy wants everyone to respect his privacy.

Professional Life

Arteezy started with Dota, and during his late degree, he began to play Dota 2, and within a few months, he was professional enough to deal with well-known competitors.

After a year of Twitch, Arteezy decided to have a team and created one after auditioning and analyzing a number of players. Along with Twitch, they equally gave time to tournaments and were constantly invested in it to raise and achieve things they wanted soon, and Arteezy proved it with his team.

Regarding his Twitch analysis, currently, Arteezy has broken many records in a brief period and has recently become the top-rated player with more than 9,000 matchmaking scores in the entire record of Dota.

He has 60 million views, including 800k followers, and it is expected that he will hit 1 million followers by the end of 2022. These stats show how he has become of the become International Twitch star before his 30s.

What is the Net worth of Arteezy?

The estimated net worth of Arteezy right now is more than $2 million. 

In 2012, he began his career, and after a few years, he started generating 5 to 6000 Dollars every month. Arteezy believes in investment and has heavily invested in multiple ways, which is why he is lucky enough to create 4 to 5 income streams

Throughout his career, he has been working with lots of dedication, and on Twitch, he spends around 6 hours five days a week. He currently generates $20,000 monthly, including sponsorships, collaborations, donations, tournaments, and advertisements.


Relationship Status of Arteezy

Arteezy is in a healthy relationship with one of his oldest friends. Her name is Dove, and they have been dating each other for almost four years.

Dove is a highly career-focused woman, and she sometimes manages his partner, aka Artour as well. She is a host in Dota usual tournaments, and during one of the series, they were introduced to each other by another Twitch star, and after a few months, they decided to have a relationship.

Currently, they live in an apartment in Canada, and they often share their life on their Instagram handles.


No Award has been given to Arteezy!


In 2012, after joining Twitch, Artour Babaev, aka Arteezy, was immediately recognized by the mega producers and e-sport leagues. He has won appreciation and cash prizes in multiple tournaments and as a young star.

In 2014, Arteezy won Season 10 of Star Ladder, Star Series, with the highest score. After 2014, one after one, he kept winning.

Fast forward to 2015, he achieved the 1st position in three tournaments named as 

  • The Summit
  • Dota 2 Spring League held at Mars-TV
  • ESL One Frankfurt

And in 2016, Arteezy won Dota 2 Autumn League for the first time. This is the reason he is known as a DotA King!

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 9” (in feet)/ 172 cm
Weight: 68 kg or 155 lbs.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown


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