Athina Onassis Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Athina Onassis

Athina Onassis is the only daughter of the ruler of the particular area. She is a well-known lady proudly recognized as the Heiress who has the ethnicity of Greek and France. 

Athina Onassis Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth           $1 Billion
Full Name          Athina Hélène Onassis
Date of Birth      January 29, 1985
Age                     37 (in 2022)
Birthplace           France 
Profession           Heiress, Equestrian  
Marital Status      Divorced         
Athina Onassis
Athina Onassis

Early Life and Family of Athina Onassis

Athina Hélène Onassis is a 37year old adult lady who celebrates her birthday every year on the 29th of January, 1985. Her parents gave her birth at the International Hospital in Paris, France. She was born one year after her parent’s marriage, and they divorced around four years of their marriage. Since the age of 3, she has been raised by separated parents.

Educational Background of Athina Onassis

For her initial studies, Athina went to Lussy High School for girls that were located in Switzerland, which is why she got to live in the hostel there but with her essential protocol and help. Later, she attended Belgium University for her professional studies in Business Administration and Management skills. However, she graduated in 2004.

Professional Career of Athina Onassis 

Onassis was extremely studious during her education and focused her studies as her top priority during that period. Right after graduation, she participated in a few national events in Europe that comprised several sports and activities, including drama and theatre. However, she was appointed to the Championship tour that was held on the global level, and fortunately, she scored the runner-up position.

From that particular tour onwards, Onassis launched her Riding club, and the complete ideology to founded such an organization was only hers. She hired the best-experienced coach and trainers in it and had several students within one year of time. 

Partially, her dream became her professional career, and she extended it to European Jumping Shows and even Global Tournaments. Moreover, Till now, she has conducted more than ten shows for Horsing in France, and the entire production and organization have happened under her supervision.

Athina Onassis

Who is the Husband of Athina Onassis?

Initially, Onassis had a relationship with a professional athlete and a showjumper whose ethnicity was Brazil. Her dating history is completely towards sports persons or businessmen. Entirely she has had four boyfriends in her 20s. However, in 2003 she walked down the aisle with her father for Miranda. But again, the marriage didn’t work out, and they separated paths.

What is the Net Worth Status of Athina Onassis?

As of 2022, the estimated net worth of Heiress Athina Onassis is $1 Billion, and her business investments have made this lady one of the top richest billionaires in the world confirmed by Forbes and American magazines. 

Physical Appearance of Athina Onassis

Athina Onassis is well-known for her beauty and height and is considered the most beautiful Heiress in Europe. She is 5 feet 6 inches in height and weighs around 54 kilograms. Her eyes are Hazel and have a bit of honey brown shade from the inside, yet she has brown hair colors that she often dye but always keeps dark and neutral.

Height: 5’ 6” (in feet)
Weight: 54 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 32-29-34 inches
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown/Blonde


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