Ayu ting Ting Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Ayu ting Ting

Miss Depok is a famous dangdut singer, model and actress. She was born in Depok, Indonesia. The real name of this famous singer is AyuRosmalina. Professionally she is the best dangdut singer, and she had started her singing journey from the wedding. She had sung for the first time at a wedding when she was 14 years old. 

Ayu ting Ting Biography And Worth:

Full NameAyu Rosmalina
Birth Date20th June 1990
Age29 years
BirthplaceIndonesia, Depok City
ProfessionDangdut singer and model
HusbandHenry Baskoro 
Net Worth$15 million

What is the personality of Ayu Ting Ting? 

Ayu is not only a famous singer; she is also a renowned actress. She had played the leading role in liar in 2008. It is also true that she rarely puts makeup on her face. She likes to wear Korean dresses and also loves fashion. 

Further, she had recorded her favorite album, Dilanjut Aja, which became the reason for her fame. She has many fans on different social platforms. Ayu love to share other fashionable dresses on her social accounts. She like red, black and yellow color. 

Ayu ting Ting

Initial education of Ayu Ting Ting

She started modeling at the age of 5. She got her initial education from Gunadharma institute. She became into the spotlight because of her relationship with the famous Indian actor, shaheed Sheikh. They both had worked in the renowned drama serial ‘Kuch rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi.” But unfortunately, she had ended this relationship in only 4 months. She had been admitted to the University for a Bachelor’s Degree. But she had started singing, so she had to leave her education. 

Family belonging of Ayu Ting Ting:

In 2013, Ayu married a guy named Henry BaskorHendarso. They had a daughter named Bilqis, but unfortunately, after 1 year, they divorced. In 2011, she worked with the famous comedian actor Olga Syahputra. When she got fame, Olga helped her earn a lot of net income. It was claimed that the actor was in a relationship with Ayu in 2015. Ayu helped him to become settle in Indonesia and also understand the language and culture. But they had separated because of cultural and language differences. 

Awards won by Ayu Ting Ting:

Ayu has made collaboration with many well-known and famous brands. Besides, she also promotes many makeup and other products of famous brands. She also has many fans on social platforms. Her fans like her posts and love her because of the best content she creates. Her Instagram followers are almost 50 million. She has earned many awards in her career. She gained the famous music award from SCTV in 2016. While in 2014, she earned the Dangdut award from MNCTV. 

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Ayu Ting Ting: 

In 2011, she earned her name Ting Ting. The meaning of this name is beautiful, thin, and elegant. These features are in the Chinese language because of the release of her famous album, GeoAjepAjep. In this album, a song called Ting Ting was very famous, so she named as Ting Ting. Further, she also made her debut with AlamatPalsu, which became popular after 4 days of release. The song was exciting, and later, it was covered by the singer Syahputra.

Ayu ting Ting

Net Worth carrying by Zach King:

Ayu is a famous and rich pop singer and has many famous songs on her list. According to several platforms, it has been estimated that the net income of Ayu is almost $1.5 million. 

Body dimension carried by Ayu Ting Ting: 

  • Fans love to know about the physical structure of their favourite actors. 
  • They follow the height, weight, hair color and even the style of their loved celebrities. 
  • So, we can tell you about it; Ayu has a weight of 50 kg. 
  • But the weight changes with time and is different all the time. 
  • She has brown eyes and black hair.

Specifications of Ayu Ting Ting:

Ayu has some unique features that are not present in her peers. She only likes to sing and doesn’t use her sensual movements. She doesn’t like the use of her body during dancing. It is the best thing that she considers in her dangdut songs. She likes Korean fashion and has been praised by another dangdut singer, Julia Pervez. She is always in the tomboy look. It is also true that she rarely puts makeup on her face. 

Ayu is very conscious about her health and eats healthy foods. If we talk about her favorite food, she likes pizza, chocolate, and ice cream. She always wants to spend her time with family. She also likes to exercise and go to Gym.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 50 kg
Figure Measurement: 32-24-32 inches
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black


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