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Beyonce is a talented American singer and actress. She was born in September 1981. Her complete name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles. She is the wife of Jay-z. She was born in Housten, Texas and was also raised there. As a child star, she performed singing and dancing on many platforms and became popular.

In the late 1990s, she finally rose to success as a singer for Destiny’s Child. Then it became popular and arose as a bestselling girl’s group. It is known as the best group of all time. From mid of age, the desire to do more than a performer. She also had a perceptive curiosity about it since her childhood. She wanted to be famous as a superstar. Finally, she reached that goal at the age of twenty-one. She got famous not just for singing which is her chosen field. She also got fame as an actress and reached her objective.

Beyoncé Biography and Net Worth:

Full NameBeyoncé Giselle Knowles
Birth DateSeptember 4 1981
Age48 years
BirthplaceHouston Texas
ProfessionActress and Musician
Net Worth$355 Million

What is the personality of Beyoncé? 

Freedom is the main essential of Beyonce’s personality. She is always Conscious of the result and is likely to survive in a harsh environment that encourages harm and chance. She is very fond of travelling, touring, and adventures. She loves to meet new people. Thus she wants to experience all in her life. She is so talented and wants to enrol in several activities until she is not tired. She is constantly expecting motivation and strength. That’s why change is consistent in her life and world.

She has an attractive and inspiring personality. She finds no difficulty in finding new friends and companions because of her attractive personality. She also has a remarkable aptitude to motivate others. Therefore she became successful on many platforms like sales, advertising, politics, promotions and many other fields which involved communication skills. Because she has a great ability to understand others 

Initial education of Beyoncé:

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is a famous American singer,  record producer, songwriter and actress. She was born In Texas, Houston, on September 4 1981. She is one of the most powerful and prosperous musicians at this time.

In her childhood, she also attended different art schools for the sake of practising. She also started singing and dancing in local events and compositions. She also got fame as a lead singer of Destiny’s child. But in 2005, when Beyonce and kelly Rowland started solo projects, this group split.

Family belonging of Beyoncé:

Beyoncé is a contract administrator, a costume maker and a hairstylist. Solange, her younger sister, is also a singer, actress and musician. Father of Beyonce organized her business until March 2011, when she declared openly that she would be governing her proposals and projects independently.

Awards won by Beyoncé:

The celebrity has achieved 16 Grammy Awards. She also achieved  11 MTV Video Music trophies, a Billboard Millennium Award, and 4 American music awards. She is one of the best selling music artists because she has sold over 75M records all over the world. She also enrolled in many films and got enough fame as Austin powers and Dreamgirls. Her passion is not stopped with music.

Accomplishment, achievements and career of Beyoncé: 

Beyoncé Knowles initial catches the social eye as the lead singer of the RB organization. After she established a solo business with her debut catalogue, named Dangerously in Love, it became one of the top-selling artists of music, including sold-out treks and a slew of trophies.

She has also been appointed 70 times for Grammy Awards and has earned 24 times the similar. She also gained  24 MTV Video Musical  Awards. 

Net Worthcarriedg by Beyoncé:

Beyonce’s net wealth is $500 million. And her spouse Jay-Z is worth $1 Billion, which imposes their cumulative net wealth at $1.5 billion. Disney had reportedly given her $25 million for featuring and giving rise to an album. 

Netflix has reportedly given her $60 million for the film Homecoming. This is based on the 2018 Ella performance and for the other two projects also. Beyoncé was reportedly paid $3 million for the Coachella performance speaking of 2018.

Body dimension carried by Beyoncé: (Bullet)

  • Beyoncé’s height is approximately 5 feet and 7 inches.
  • Her body weight is around 62 kg.
  • She has a long shiny, dark brown colour.
  • She has light brown colour beautiful eyes.
  • Her figure measurement is 36-26-39 inches approximately.
  • Overall she has a thundering and calming personality.

Specifications of Beyoncé:

In 2000 Beyoncé and Jay-Z met but did not start dating until 2001. On April 4, 2008, they secretly got married. Founded in their song, their connection has been littered with fraud rumours. Beyoncé and Jay-Z had three children by dating.

Although Knowles has suffered numerous complications in her life, her life has been a remarkable achievement, and despite the downs in her relationship, Beyonce and her spouse have surpassed to be a rich billionaire couple. Also, they have cheered three blessings from the lord, and they become parents.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’7”
Weight:  62 kg
Figure Measurement:  35-26-39 inches
Eye Color: light brown 
Hair Color: dark brown 


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