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Bob iger

Robert Iger is an American businessman and CEO. He transformed Disney into an enormously successful entertainment company by overseeing the acquisition of rival companies such as Lucas Film, Pixar, and Marvel.

Bob iger Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$690 Million
Full NameRobert Iger
Birth Date10, February 1951
Age71 years
Place of BirthNew York, United States

Robert Iger Early Life

Iger was the son of a World War II navy veteran. After graduating from high school in 1969, he then attended the Roy. H Park School of Communications at Ithaca College and graduated in 1963. He got a Bachelor of Science and Technology and Radio from the university. He first started broadcasting by hosting a television shown and working as a weatherman in Ithaca for 5 months. Initially, he wanted to become an anchorman for a major news channel but then he chose a different career path.

Bob iger

Robert Iger Early Career

Initially, he joined ABC in 1974 working as a menial laborer. His continuous struggle and hard work paid off and he became its head in 1989. He became the President of ABC in 1993. Following that he was appointed as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of ABC’s parent corporation ‘Capital Cities/ABC’ in 1994.

Robert Iger Early Success

In 1996, the Walt Disney Company purchased Capital Cities/ABC, and Iger remained the COO. He then became the president of the company and held that position until 1999 when he became the president of the Walt Disney Company. He became CEO of the company and in 2006 announced the acquisition of Pixar. In 2011 he became chairman of the board and joined the board of directors of Apple. At that time Apple and Disney became closely intertwined. In 2012, he announced the acquisition of Lucas Film although this acquisition was not a huge success. However certain movies like The Force Awakens recovered the investment. In 2018, Disney made another bold move with the acquisition of 21st-century Fox. He stepped down from Apple’s Board of Directors due to some conflicts. Also in 2020, it was speculated that he has stepped down as CEO of Disney but this is considered a misunderstanding and false news.

In 2012, he won the Ambassador of Humanity Award which was presented to him by Steven Spielberg. In 2019, Iger was named Time magazine’s “Businessperson of the Year.”

Robert Iger Net worth

Robert Iger is a famous businessman and the face behind Disney’s huge success. With Disney and MARVEL producing every big movie today and Iger serving as the company’s CEO, it is no wonder that he has been able to amass such a net worth. As of now, the estimated net worth of Robert Iger is said to be 690 million dollars. His salary was estimated to be about 50 million dollars without including stock grants and bonuses.

Bob iger

Robert Iger Features

Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorDark Brown


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