Brico Sympa BRICO SYMPA is a well-known YouTube channel that covers How-to & Style videos

Brico Sympa

BRICO SYMPA is a well-known YouTube channel that covers How-to & Style videos and has 5.65 million followers. BRICO SYMPA is a French YouTube channel that was launched in 2017.  The channel is all about DIY hacks and some entertainment stuff.

Brico Sympa BRICO SYMPA is a well-known

Net Worth$1.4 Million
Views1.6 B
Videos4.7 K

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Brico Sympa Channel Stats

In a 30-day period, this channel typically receives 7K viewers. With 9.5K new customers in the past 30 days, BRICO SYMPA now has 5.7M subscribers. The BRICO SYMPA channel’s most recent video was posted ten days ago. While the largest number of views on a single BRICO SYMPA YouTube video is 381.8K, the average number of views per video is 3.1K. A BRICO SYMPA has an average engagement of 39, with 37 reactions and 2 comments. The primary topics covered on BRICO SYMPA are Howto & Style.

Brico Sympa

Brico Sympa Net Worth

As of August 2022, the French YouTube channel BRICO SYMPA has a net value of $1.4 million. The YouTube channel of BRICO SYMPA averages 7.91 million monthly views and about 263.67 thousand daily views. However, it’s possible that Net Worth Spot is understating BRICO SYMPA’s income. On the high end, BRICO SYMPA might make up to $854.28k annually.

Additionally, YouTubers rarely rely on just one revenue stream. Other revenue streams that might provide substantially more money than advertising include sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements.

Based on the viewership of this channel, the following profits are estimates of YouTube advertising income;

Brico Sympa
Today so farYesterday

On YouTube, BRICO SYMPA posted 4,696 videos. His video has received 1,595,138,107 views. 12K is BRICO SYMPA’s annual income. Since 2017-10-30, BRICO SYMPA has had a YouTube channel. Every 1000 views brings in roughly $1.21 for him.

Brico Sympa Estimated Earnings By Months

MonthEstimated Earnings
August 2022$ 12K
July 2022$ 6.59K
June 2022$ 4.77K
May 2022$ 9.91K
April 2022$ 25.4K
March 2022$ 1.91K
February 2022$ 692
December 2021$ 2.01K
November 2021$ 2.42K
October 2021$ 2.5K
September 2021$ 1.76K
August 2021$ 2.18K
July 2021$ 2.93K
June 2021$ 2.05K
May 2021$ 3.71K
April 2021$ 4.65K
March 2021$ 5.17K
February 2021$ 2.77K
October 2020$ 3.79K
September 2020$ 3.52K

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