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Bruce Dickinson

English musician Paul Bruce Dickinson served as the band Iron Maiden’s main vocalist from 1981 to 1993 and from 1999 until the present. His diverse operatic vocal range and vivacious theatrical presence are well-known.

Bruce Dickinson’s Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$130M
Birth Date7th August 1958
ProfessionAuthor Musician Pilot  
Bruce Dickinson

Early Life

Paul Bruce was born in Workshop, Nottinghamshire, England, on August 7, 1958. The British Army technician Bruce’s parents wed when they were just teenagers. He was initially mostly raised by his grandparents until moving in with them at the age of six. After that, he went to many private schools, which made it challenging for him to make friends.

Dickinson’s earliest memories include times spent listening to the Beatles. His parents finally launched lucrative companies that involved selling used vehicles or investing in real estate. When he attended boarding school, he was tormented, and it was at this time that he developed an attraction for hard rock. He listened to groups like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath during this time. While attending boarding school, he also learned how to play the bongo drums for the first time and started singing.


Bruce joined Samson in 1979, which marked the beginning of his professional musical career. Dickinson didn’t take kindly to Samson’s hard-partying way of life for long. After seeing Iron Maiden perform live for the first time, he saw his chance to go on. Nevertheless, he stayed with Samson for an additional year, working on two albums with them, before the band disbanded due to financial issues.

Dickinson was ultimately given the opportunity to try out for Iron Maiden in 1981. Outside of his work with Iron Maiden, Dickinson has released many solo albums, the most notable of which was perhaps “Tyranny of Souls” in 2005. Dickinson’s first album with the band was “The Number of the Beast,” which had hits including “Run to the Hills.

Dickinson’s Personal Life

Dickinson and Erica “Jane” Barnett separated in 1987 after getting married in 1984. Austin, Griffin, and Kia Bowden are his three children from his second marriage to psychologist Patrice “Paddy” Bowden (born in 1994). All three of them were born in London’s Chiswick district, where Dickinson resided for several decades starting in 1981. After nearly 30 years of marriage, it was announced that he and Bowden had split up in 2019. In May 2020, Bowden passed away in an accident at her home. Dickinson presently resides in Paris with his partner Leana Dolci.

Bruce Dickson Honours

Dickinson received an honorary music doctorate from Queen Mary University of London on July 19, 2011, in recognition of his work in the music business. Dickinson’s efforts in playing while under siege in 1994 earned him the renowned Sixth April Award and the distinction of being designated an honorary citizen of Sarajevo in 2019. Dickinson also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Philosophy in 2019. Dickinson was appointed Honorary Group Captain of 601 on January 6, 2020.

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickson’s Net Worth

He has a $130 million net worth. Dickinson is most recognized for his work as Iron Maiden’s lead singer, a role he has filled since 1981. Bruce began his performance career in England at neighborhood bars, and in 1979 he joined his first metal band. He joined Iron Maiden two years later, making his debut on their 1982 album “The Number of the Beast,” and the band went on to enjoy considerable success in the 1980s with Dickinson as their main singer, selling several platinum and gold albums.


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